graduated but still short on hours?


So our class graduated a week ago and just yesterday we were informed that the entire class is short almost 30 hours and we have to make it up. It seems ludicrous to me that we would be handed a completion certificate and then told to come back. Does this happen at other schools???

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I'm so sorry you got caught like this, but there is an underlying reason. LV/PN programs are based upon 'clock hour' requirements specified by each state's BON. If your clinical hours are not sufficient, you would not be approved to take NCLEX-PN. IMO, this appalling situation seems to indicate that your program is very poorly run - hard to believe that they weren't more careful to ensure that clinical hours met the established requirement.

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I would be livid.

This is awful planning on the coordinators part. Did she not know your state requirements at the beginning of the program?


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I feel bad for you, but was this the first time you saw.......I guess.......a hot mess? There's usually warning signs before a big kaboom of a disaster like this. Instructors not showing up? Student accidentally added to schools' computer system and having access to every bit of info on everyone? Yes, this actually happened at a local school. If you're able to finish the hours and sit for boards, good riddance. If not, I'd probably have a lawyer by now? But like I said, I'd be surprised if it was the only flaw of an otherwise great system. Did you happen to look up their accreditation status before starting or while attending?