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As mentioned, graduated in June- VERY frustrated already. Most of my frustration comes in working part-time, when I would rather be full time. That is just the "way it is" in my part of the world right now- and moving is not in the cards.

In the summer I had lots of hours- now they are falling off and everyone keeps saying " they will call you in!" "you can pick up shifts!" This is so DAMN frustrating- I would like something called a LIFE and a schedule to PLAN my LIFE by! Too much to expect? Well, at 45, after three years in full time school - it really is bugging the hell out of me.

I had applied for a casual postion - and now expect I will have to cobble together hours to make full time- which still leaves me with NO benefits. I could just scream.

What other profession has you in school all these years, with ongoing education expected and no full time job at the end? Well that is nursing in Ontario, Canada. And the only solution means moving to a place like Toronto ( no way) or moving to another province.......or the States. Fine..... but I am not alone. Many new grads around me....can move and have moved or are going to move......and Ontario is so much the loser. BIG TIME LOSER>

thanks for letting me vent


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I hear the frustration in your post. I don't know a lot about Canadian Nursing so not much advice forthcoming. There is a Canadian Nursing forum here.

Are there Agencies in Ca? I hope someone can help more than I can. And you hit the nail on the head with

What other profession has you in school all these years, with ongoing education expected and no full time job at the end?

Keep posting and we will try to find some advice.



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We are dying for full-time nurses and you're dying for a full-time job. Of course we are many, many miles apart and in different countries, It figures. Keep your spirits high, as my grandmother always said "Every thing comes out in the wash" Anotherworkd, things will work out.


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Sorry, but I just cannot identify nor help. We are going crazy looking for people to take on time--full-time, part-time, casual, you name it. It's truly unfortunate that you cannot move. We'll take you!!

Maybe a switch in local hospitals? I thought Canada was under as much strain as the US was in finding nurses.


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Hi JMP, I don't know much about the Canadian system either. But, a while back, maybe last year even, I recall a Canadian poster writing something about the situation you find yourself in your area. I know that here in the states that nursing is one of the professions where there is a lot of part time workers. Best wishes.


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I don't know where you are?It you apply for casual hours go up and down They is alot of RN jobs full time in windsor and London in all areas. You said in The lpn corner that it suck to be a RPN in ontario and your having a problem with being and RN in Ontario.

maybe because of your area southwestern ontario is a great place to be a Nurse.

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