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hi friends,

I will be graduating on july 11th and I was just wondering if anyone had any input from their personal expierences on where might be a good place to start out. I was thinking nursing home part time to get benefits and per diem in a hospital. I live in Ocean County NJ and around here they have put a stop to hiring lpn's in the hospitals. So either I travel or stick with a nursing home or maybe surgi center.. A little discouraging but I'm sure I'll find my nitch somewhere. I'm hoping to get at least $20 an hour. Does that sound like an unreasonable request? I have been doing research on resumes for new grads and what to look for in companies, etc.. so I am getting myself prepared for interviews and such.. wish me luck and please any input is welcome! ;)


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i also graduate on july 11th, yay!!! I got a job offer in a nursing home at 24/hr...i am in central jersey. i hear the same thing, no lpn's in hospitals anymore.

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what nursing school do you attend? and would you mind sharing where you got that job?


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I got a job in a LTC/Subacute in central jersey. I go to school up north jersey. I cant wait. I just passed the hesi, and so ready for the NCLEX, i just want to get it over with and start working!!!!!! what about you?

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Well I went for an interview today at an assisted living just about to open up. They don't hire lpn's so I'll be starting as a cna and they are gonna keep me on for a med aide.. im not so thrilled but i would like some exp. with med pass before i get thrown into it in a hospital. i'm still gonna be looking for other opportunities tho.

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You will be graduating on my birthday, a very lucky number, lol! I would start at a nursing home or if there is an assisted living position available, that may be a good start as well. I don't know of what is happening in Jersey, but NYC has still been hiring LPNs in their hospitals. Don't know how this will continue to be in the future, but, if you are close to NY, give it a try. Good luck and congrats on your upcoming graduation. I'll be celebrating right next to you!

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congrats to both you on your upcoming graduations!! i graduate 10/1! best of luck to both of you!:yeah:

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