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Hello, I'm a nurse working full-time with 3 years experience on a step down floor. I just started in the ICU this June in Austin, TX. I want to get my 2 years experience in the ICU to seek CRNA. I live in an apartment here in Austin, Texas with my fiance. I plan to pay for my chem courses (prerequisites). However, ...

-Will the FAFSA (federal aid) help me?

-Will I qualify?

-Has someone in my position been helped?

I know there's scholarships out there. But I would like to try FASFA first. About scholarships for grad students pursuing CRNA, I would appreciate your input on any type of financial help out there.


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I am in Grad school for the second time. FAFSA has lent me money both times. I have 2 bachelors and am working on second masters.

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FAFSA just tells you what you qualify for.

As a graduate student, there may not be any grant money, and the loans are all unsubsidized.

Start saving and choose your school carefully

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Not all the loans are unsubsidized. I still qualified for some sub. I borrowed as little as possible-just tuition that I didn't get covered all the way. I rent most books and I don't have any other real costs.