Graduate from Purdue soon, and need to relocate


I am in an AGNP program in Indiana and I expect to graduate in next May in 2016. I planned to find a job at my clinical site I am going to work in my last semester. Unfortunately, I need to relocate to South California because of my Family issue. That means I will have trouble to find an NP job as a new NP graduate!Should I wait after my graduation date to send applications of job searching? Or should I start early? I am anxious because most of my schoolmates would receive their job offers before they take board exams? But I have no idea where I can send applications because most jobs require np experience😓 Any suggestions or job information are appreciated!! Vicky


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If you have family/friends in the area where you are moving, I would use their address when applying for jobs until you physically move.

A local address gets a lot further than an out of state address. I was thinking of relocating to the other coast when I finished my NP program and I had multiple recruiters tell me that I would not be considered until After I moved bc it was too risky/time consuming for them to interview me and then me not move out there.

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Thanks for your suggestion!Hope there are some employers there accepting new np graduates! But how do I find out if all the job postings have indicated minimum of 1 + years are required


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I think it only helps to start applying early. As another suggested a local address could acilitate your search. Also a local cell phone number from that area would be a benefit. This could be an example of a prepaid phone.