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Graduate from High School with a low GPA


Good afternoon,

I graduated from high school two years ago. I barely paid attention to my classes and graduated with a low GPA. I think it was around 2.9 almost 3.0. I've always wanted to mayor in some sort of med career. I wasn't really sure until now; I have a daughter. I want some advice. I'm not the smartest person out there and I definitely now the brain can be trained to do anything. I'm going to take my ACT pretty soon and hopefully get a good score. Do you guys think I will be able to go into a med school or they will accept me with my GPA being that low? Will my ACT play a big role?

I also want to know what you ladies/guys think about your jobs (Advantages and Disadvantages).

My blessings to all


Hey, med schools do not look at your high school gpa. They look at your college gpa. I will say that whatever college you attend try to get a good gpa there. Get some experience and be involved. For med school you take the MCAT which is another test you take about Jr. yr. of college. If you are thinking about something other that medicine like nursing or other field in healthcare, you gpa may play a part depending on the school and program. Like for my college if you have a certain gpa and act from high school you can get guaranteed admissions into certain programs.

Okay thank you for the answer. I will try to get a good GPA in college and a good score in my ACT.

You can take a few college-level courses at your local community college without enrolling as a full-time student, to demonstrate your new-found love of learning and ability to study. Be smart and make sure the ones you take will transfer into whatever major you plan at whatever college you want to attend.

As others have said, your GPA from high school and your ACT won't matter to medical schools at all. They will look at your volunteer/shadow/research/work experiences, your recommendations, your MCAT score, your cumulative Bachelor degree GPA, and your science GPA. They are highly competitive and selective, but if you put in the work during your undergrad career, it's possible! Just remember that good grades are important, but networking and volunteer experiences are equally so. A good forum to check out would be the student doctor forum. They have a whole pre-med section.

You can get your undergraduate degree in almost any field so long as you take all of the general requirements to be able to apply to med school (there are a lot). Community college would be an affordable way for you to take all of your prerequisites for your Bachelors and give you a way to build up your GPA before transferring to a four year university. Once you enroll in school again, there are pre-med advisors that can help you plan your education. Also, if you plan on enrolling in a community college first, you may not need to worry about taking the ACT at all.

There are a lot of possible careers in the medical field, so if your heart isn't set on being a doctor and dedicating another 8-12 years to school, you can also talk to your advisor about other med career options. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do :)