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Hi all,

I am desperately looking for universities/colleges offering "GRADUTE Certificate Progarms," especially in Nursing Administration or other Nursing specialities in New York City, Virginia, Maryland or DC.

If anyone is aware of such programs, please list the name of the University here. I will be grateful for your information.

Thank you.

God bless.:crying2:

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Many schools offer post-masters certification programs. My University, for example, has 9 different post-Master's programs leading to different certifications.

The ANCC's Advanced Nursing Administration Certification requires 2500 hours of supervised administrative work after completing an accredited administration program before you can sit for the certification examination. That is one of the few nursing certifications that will require extensive experience after you are done with your classes.


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Columbia University offers several post-masters certificates....


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Thank you for your replies. Much appreciated. I was looking for programs for which the requirement is BSN and not MSN. Thank you.


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In nursing, "certificate" typically refers to a post-Master's certificate; there aren't any other types of nursing programs that are certificate programs. Perhaps if you describe in more detail what you're looking for, you could get more helpful responses.

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