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Grad School Nightmare

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Hi everyone,

Sorry I been MIA from the site for a while. Got a lot on my plate. As you may recall I was debating between a Masters Program in Counseling or an RN to be a Psychiatric Nurse. I joined a MA in Educational Psych & I'm already dreading it. I'm considering dropping it. I don't want to make a wrong decision but I also want to do something I'm going to enjoy on the long run. The MA program is dry, repetitive of a lot of undergrad work and boring.

Re-considering entering into a regular undergrad program just to get my RN so I can become a Psychiatric Nurse. I'm more into the Mental Health part than the educational part with adolescents and kids. My MA is not giving me that......

IDK what do you guys think?

**** Scared and Confused.

Well if your interest is more of the patient care part then by all means just go for your RN.

If you like patient care then yeah, no brainer for the RN. This also opens up the door to advanced nursing degrees in psych that will allow you to teach or move into the clinician side of patient care.

Have you looked at direct-entry MSN programs to be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner? There are quite a few programs in which you can earn your BSN in a year (or at least be qualified to sit for the NCLEX) and then roll right into the Masters program. They are designed for people who have a BA or BS in something other than nursing. Worth looking into if you are willing to relocate.:)