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3.4 GPA Undergrad too low?

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Hi all,

I will present a quick background. I have an undergrad GPA of 3.4 and a grad GPA of 3.9, both in History. I wanted a career change so I wanted to apply to nursing school.

I have been a lifeguard since I was 17 and I will be turning 26 soon. I was wait listed at a private institution and it was the only program I applied to.

I want to know if I could get into a Nursing program with my low GPA. I am looking into taking pre reqs and I wonder if my gpa is a deal breaker, that I should not waste my time? I REALLY want to become a Nurse. I just need a little guidance and truth to the reality of my situation.

Thank you all.

Your GPA is fine. Just keep it up with your pre-reqs.i remember hearing that only a 4.0 would get me in anywhere. But min school with a lot of people with much lower gpas

Thank you @AngelKissed857 !

I have been reading about schools in my area in Long Island NY, and was worried when I was hearing that although schools post 3.0 as minimum, the reality is that they accept 3.5 +. So it does help to know that the gpa may not be a deal breaker. I have had to administer cpr and I was a first responder at a situation at a local best buy because I am cpr certified. I have good instincts to high critical situations, and I felt it would be a shame that I could not be a nurse because of my gpa.

I would imagine they would look on that grad GPA as an improvement

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We really can't tell you. I would contact the school directly. Since I am interested in bridging I have contacted many a school to see what a competitive GPA & HESI/TEAS scores are.

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I doubt your GPA is going to be a deal breaker, by most standards it doesn't count as low. Most ADN programs are only going to look at your pre-req GPA. Programs that do care about prior GPA are likely to also factor in the fact that you have completed graduate level coursework with a 3.9. Admittedly chances do vary by program, and different schools are going to weight your coursework differently, but I should think you still have a very good shot at most nursing programs.

Thank you for the feedback, It definitely helps. I am currently volunteering at a local hospital, taking pre reqs, and studying for the TEAs. I am determined to go to nursing school, so it does help to hear the GPA is not necessarily a deal breaker. I am in the NYC area, so I am looking for programs around here.