GPA question--do I stand a chance?

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Hey everyone!

So I will be finishing my pre-req's in the fall and will be applying to nursing school in December. I plan on applying to UNF,UCF,FAU,USF,and UF. The only thing is I'm concerned about my pre-req GPA..I have all A's as of now but I got a B in bio and I am not doing so hot in Chem 1032 (I will be lucky if I get a B). That being said, if I get A's in all of my other pre-req's besides bio and chem do I still stand a chance at being accepted to those schools provided that my TEAS scores are good? If any of y'all on here have recently been accepted to any of the above schools or any schools in Florida in general and wouldn't mind sharing your GPA (pre-req) and TEAS scores that would be awesome! :)

Also I am a CNA right now (I heard that factors into the decision)


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If anyone has any insight that would be so so appreciated I am so stressed about this!

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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Well, I have no idea what schools those are first. If I did, I have no idea what their requirements are to get into each program and how many people are applying. Every, single, school is different.

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Contact the schools directly. We don't know where you live or the name of the schools. Good luck.

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Just apply dude. Worst thing that happens is you don't get in. What difference does it make what someone says on a message board. When I went to nursing school in early 2000s not that many people were applying. The question I have is if someone on here said you had no chance would you then not apply? Good luck.

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Have you contacted any of these schools? That would be the first place to start. Unless someone here works at any of those schools, no one here will be able to answer your question.


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I was accepted into USF with a 3.79 GPA, no TEAS is required, however, one has to write an exceptional essay.


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That's reassuring!! Hopefully my writing skills are as good as I think they are!