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I'm thinking of joining the army nurse corps and I would like to know my options. Does anyone know what the minimum active duty signup requirement is with no reserve requirement?... Read More

  1. by   j.graham
    Quote from military girl
    It was great to hear you. Good to know that someone else is going to OBC in January.
    I read that you have a HM5 designator. Exactly what kind of designation is that. I will be branched(?) as a 66H, is that a med/surg nurse? Also, how do you know what your follow-on assignment will be? I am still waiting to hear word. I was to stay at Ft. Sam after OBC, but requested Georgia. Was told that it should not be a problem, but still waiting to hear.
    I am excited to be going to OBC. Graduated last Saturday(10/2) with my BSN. Was a ADN for 3 years. Would like to have been commissioned 3 years ago, but my school did not have NLN or CCNE accrediation, which I did not find out about until after I had graduated. I thought all nursing schools had to have NLN accrediation.
    Thanks for your reply.
    Sorry, took so long for reply
    HM5 - Emergency Nurse
    I think you are correct about the 66H designator.
    I saw that you were in Hawaii in the 80's with the army and your avatar is a surf nurse. I made my first visit to the north shore last year, and caught some big ones at Sunset Beach. I also learned to hold my breath for a long time....the hard way.
    talk to you soon
  2. by   Mr-Focker
    I was never told that there was a signing bonus when i joined the Army ROTC program. But about a month ago, I was talking to one of the other cadets and she said that she was told the bonus was $10,000 when she enrolled two years ago, however, she said that the bonus was recently cut to $5000. $10,000 wouldve been great, but $5000 isnt bad either considering all of my schooling is going to be paid for, not to mention all the benefits of being an army officer. but yeh... like armyrn said... get everything in writing if you can!!

    good luck in OBC... i have a year before i go... heard it was fun though.


    Quote from military girl
    I am waiting to go to OBC in January. I was told that I would get a $10,000 sign on bonus after completing OBC and upon arrival to my first duty station. Is this true or was I being fed a line of bull.
    I have not signed anything yet. Was to go to OBC next month, but I will not have my BSN diploma in my hand until October and I really wanted to graduate with my class.
  3. by   kaizenro
    Navy has a $15k Sign on bonus.