What are my options?

  1. So I am an BSN RN, currently enrolled in a PMHNP DNP program. I recently sent off the preliminary work to my local air force recruiter to determine my eligibility.

    Assuming I am eligible, what are my options?

    Does the AF typically want me to enter as an RN and work?
    Or will I have the option to finish school, and then later enter as a PMHNP? I guess this would be the HPSP?

    Thank you all.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    What has the recruiter told you?
  4. by   _zoubisoubisou_
    Nothing yet.
  5. by   jfratian
    Assuming you spoke to the correct health professions recruiter, they typically recruit both RNs and NPs. There are delayed entry programs for students; you typically are in the reserves while in school and receive some kind of tuition aid package in exchange for a 4-6 year active duty commitment upon graduation. You typically need to apply for these at the very beginning of your program.

    Or, you could put school on hold and apply now as an RN.

    Or, if you are in the last year of your NP program, you can apply as new grad NP.
  6. by   NICUMurse87
    When I spoke to a recruiter, I was given the option of entering as an RN when I graduated, working for 2 years (I think it was 2, may have been 1) and then going towards my Master's while still employed by the military. They would pay for everything and then I was required to work after graduation for a length of time before I was eligible for discharge. I would have been an officer and worked in a hospital the whole time, no field hospitals or front line medic duty. Granted, this is what I was told by a recruiter, so take that as you will.
  7. by   jfratian
    There won't be any guarantee of going back to school. They'll never put that in writing. You will be eligible to apply for AFIT, the program that sends you back to grad school full time, after 2 years. However, you will have to compete against other people. That will be far from gaurunteed.