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  1. From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter and my application status for two posting says "referred to selecting official." The VA closest to my home, I can't get through to the recruiter, she emailed me back once and the status of all the apps just says "application received." I do know a nurse practitioner that works at this VA site and she tried to give my resume to the recruiter, but I had to apply online.

    For those of you that are familiar with the hiring process, any idea what the next step is. In all there are around 20 RN vacancies. The two systems have two completely different online application submissions, how will I know if I've completed the application process correctly, its a little confusing I've been applying since I've graduated and earlier this year I found out that I was applying the wrong way so those positions don't count. These positions closed in September.

    Thanks in advance
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    Update: So I was able to speak with a nurse recruiter (very helpful and she said one of my applications has been given to the managers? for reviewing and they are still reviewing and recruiting candidates. The other posting I am eligible for she hasn't given them the applications yet and she plans to give them to the managers within the next few weeks. I'm going to assume that the other VA recruiter @ the other site hasn't even begun to select candidates because the status remains "application received." The recruiter did say after she gives them your application the next step would be an interview if selected. The process is extremely slow, these postings closed in the beginning of September!!! I have no choice but continue to apply & wait and see what happens. I already have a job that I love so I can't complain at all but thank God for all the opportunities He has given to me. I will work on patience in the meantime
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    I am in the process of being hired by the VA so I will tell you about my experience thus far...mine is for a position at a rural clinic in the southeast. I applied at the end of Nov., was called about 4 days later for an interview, interviewed a week after that, 3 days later received a call for references, heard nothing until this past week (from Dec. 18 or so until Jan. 4th), I was told I have the job tentatively - I go this week for the physical and finger printing at a VA hospital about 2 hrs from me. Once this these results come back then a salary is determined. The HR person said they will call me with the details of the salary and benefits then orientation is scheduled. She said while I am the candidate they chose I do NOT have the job offer as yet - pending results of this coming week. She said if all goes as planned it would be Feb. or March before I would start. Though I submitted my transcripts w/my application as requested, part of the job offer is to have offical transcripts sent so I've had that done - per her request - I'm told the salary isn't all that great but then who knows......she said nurses are paid by the grading system while others on here have said no, it's something else, so that is definitely an area I am not sure about. For me the position is a M-F business hour type job, no weekends/holidays/call..I am REALLY excited at the prospect of working for the VA, caring for the men and women who serve and doing something other than the hospital. Yes, the 3 days/wk is nice, but the shift work/stress, is not worth it to me....there is no VA hospital near me so this at the clinic is a blessing - the only reason there was even a position is the nurse who has been there is retiring. I was told when I interviewed that it can take up to 9 months (yes, 9) before anything is done - even when the hiring manager chooses the person. As far as I know there is no one to check with though you have a recruiter so if I were you, every 4-5 weeks I would call for an update. GOOD LUCK!!
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    I would also like to work for the VA. Your post is very helpful on shedding some light on the hiring process.
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    Marshall1 thanks for sharing your experience It seems your process is moving very fast. its scary to think it could take up to two years. I'm now understanding that patience seems to be the key with dealing with the VA. The nurse recruiter is very helpful, she seems like she wants to match nurses with jobs in the VA. I don't even think she can help how slow it is. It sounded as if her part was done and she was waiting for the next phase to move along. I will just continue to check in with the nurse recruiter in the meantime and be ready when my time comes.

    Can you share what the interview process was like and what were some of the questions they asked. Did you tour the unit? Thanks again
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    These positions closed in September.

    Thanks in advance [/QUOTE]

    What happens sometimes in the VA system is that they put out a posting to just get applications which one closing at the end of September sounds like. If here is a large window to apply this is usally the case. Also, what could be going on with this position is the federal budget. If there is no budget there is no hiring for the most part.
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    USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site is a good web site to start for VA jobs.....

    The interview for me was panel (3 people from different areas of the VA), standard questions about my experience, why I wanted to work for the VA, why I thought I would be the best candidate to be selected, also wanted me to cite examples of problems I had encountered in my career, how I worked them out and if I knew anything about research. Then they told me each of their experiences in the hiring process, what they liked and didn't like about working for the VA (which was the slowness of the government at times), what to expect after the interview (which was I would hear either way w/in 9 months). They wanted to know how comfortable I would be if I had to get pulled to one part of the clinic instead of my home base and how comfortable I was with computer charting and being able to multitask. They were very nice and it last about 35 min. Maybe a little longer.

    The job offer is tentative - my physical and background checks have to clear then I think that is it - a salary will be offered at that time and that, from what the HR person said, depends on degree, experience, years as an RN, certifications and education. So, at this point, I don't know what the pay will be. I am hoping it will be what some others have posted on various sites because as much as I want out of the hospital, I don't want to commit to a M-F gig that pays nothing. That is one reason I have stayed away from the health dept in my area - very low wages for RN's.

    I will post more as my process moves forward to give you an idea of how it goes. I'm excited but reserved in celebrating since it's not a done deal as yet...fingers crossed!
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    Marshall1 Thank you soooooooo much for sharing the interview process with us, that was extremely helpful Please due keep us posted and I will so the same.

    Best Wishes to you
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    Went for the physical and finger printing. They do an eye test using the letter/number board, ROM exerices, draw blood, urine and an EKG. The fingerprinting is digital. After that I was given a link to complete more information - basically another application is what it appeared to be and signed a release they could check all my records. I was told this is the last step in the hiring process but was not given a time frame. They tell you and on some of the information you complete that you are not am employee and no formal offer has been given (meaning don't quit your other job yet). I went to a VA hospital to have all this done - LOTS of activity, everyone very nice, most have worked for the VA for decades. Will update once something else happens. Am hoping this will pan out. Think its a good place to work and working w/Vets would be really nice.
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    Wow it seems like an intense hiring process. So, I FINALLY got a call for an interview I will keep everyone posted.
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