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From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse... Read More

  1. by   elprup
    So, finally got a call back from HR. She stated I have the job, but now it is the end of their year and no $ for my position. I may have to wait for new year...which starts in September, unless somebody decides they can budget in my position. I enrolled in a few classes and will wing it for a while. I really do not want to pass this up since I have passed everything!!!! Just frustrating.
  2. by   Marshall1
    Good grief........My advice is to do what you have to as far as working etc. and not wait on the VA but maybe check back w/her every 3 months or so. I don't know why they would've gone through alllll the expense they have to in order to hire you and now tell you no $. I wish it wasn't so difficult but you will find even after you get on board it can be like pulling twisted teeth to get things done/answers. I like where I work and the people but I think the VA could do a much better job in advertising/hiring process. Keep us posted.
  3. by   brl21680
    Hello allnurses,Your post and comments have been great and thanks for all the info. I myself have been in a dilemma. I'm a disabled veteran and it's tough for me to get in there also. I have applied for over 40 nursing positions at the VA hospital in San Antonio, TX. It's a lengthy process. I just received a tentative offer for a nursing position 2 days ago. I applied April 30th then referred over to hiring manager on May 8th. I interviewed two weeks later. I received a phone call this past Monday from the nursing manager asking for references and went and head and got my boss on the phone to talk to her. I was called on Wednesday. I was told to call the nurse recruiter to submit my certifications and letters of recommendation now so she can have my package for the board ready to determine my salary this Wednesday, physical scheduled this Monday and my fingerprints also. The HR specialist said if everything goes according to plan I can start as early as July 16th but if something comes up that can be extended to fist week of August. He told me that new employees always start at the beginning of a new pay period which July 16th is a new pay period. I hope everything goes as plan and good luck to you all who are applying and in processing. Remember keep applying and don't give up. The HR person showed me the pay plan for new nurses with no experience for the San Antonio, Texas area. If interested PM me and I will tell you what the figure is.
  4. by   elprup
    Got the official letter today, stating they are Withdrawing tentative offer of employment because I did not provide sufficient information to complete Vet/Pro employment process.

    What the Heck? Just talked to HR two weeks ago who stated it was all complete and closed? Putting a call into the supervisor who sent me this letter asking for comfirmation because I was told by so and so it was complete.....and the real reason was budget.

    Totally bummed but moving on. Hoping this is not how it is going to be for every job. I am really really past being disappointed with Nursing.

    There is a county school nurse job that I am applying for, and taking a $800 audiometry class for because it is a requirement, and I would love this job, but wondering if it is worth it to even try. So freakin frustrated. And my Nursing Scholarship is on my butt becasue I have not found a job yet and they want to put me in default. Amazing I do not drink or smoke! Maybe I should start!!!!

    Thanks for the vent. Hope your application process goes better.
  5. by   Marshall1
    Don't know what to say elprup other than if you know who the person is that told you the VETPRO was done/complete I would definitely ask the director about takes a lot of time and patience to get on w/the VA and the expense they go through for VETPRO - something sounds amiss here and I would hate for you to lose out because of an oversight. I have found quickly that one person says one thing and another person another...I didn't give up on a few things I was promised though it took months.
    As far as the school nurse position..I don't know how much experience you have as a nurse, usually those position do require some experience..the $800 class it seems should be offered by them if it's a condition of employment but maybe times have changed so much that isn't the case. Go for it - you will never know otherwise.
    Nursing is a tough game these days - for a variety of reasons but I really don't know of any secure occupation in these economic times.....good luck to you. I hope something positive happens for you soon.
  6. by   elprup
    Thanks Marshall,

    I emailed everybody questioning where I went amiss with the VA ~ including the one who told me it was complete. And just sent out my check for the class. I will end up somewhere. Thanks again for all your assistance. You rock!
  7. by   elprup
    Nope, no job. The year I spent at clinic does not count because I was hired below my RN, even though they used me as RN. Also because there was, and still is, no Nurse Manager or Medical Director who can vouch for my duties, even though HR sent a letter stating I was utilized as a RN. Also, my references were not from Nurse Managers - well except one, who was my supervisor for 3 months until she was let go...ooh but she was an LVN. I should have never stayed there a year, but I thought it would at least give me some experience. wrong! take care you all and I do truly appreciate all the assistance you provided.
  8. by   cocot
    Can anyone tell me why some jobs say vetpro and others don't? What does it really mean and does that mean it takes a lot longer if hired?
  9. by   Marshall1
    As far as I know all medical positions require VETPRO..if you have a question about it I'd call and ask the HR person. What it really means is an expensive background check. As far as it taking longer - longer than a usual background check where the hospital pulls up your license and calls a few references? Yes. For a variety of reasons, one, VETPRO goes back YEARS and if you have more than 30 days w/o employment you have to be able to provide a reason why and someone to verify that time, also, part of VETPRO depends on references getting their part - which is usually mailed to them - at least it was for me - back to the HR dept. You can read through the posts here and other places about this. You will not apply for a nursing position at a VA, get interviewed and hired in a few days or few wks. It takes time - sometimes lots of time...i'm told my process was quick and from application to hire was almost 3 months.
  10. by   marriedtoRN
    Stumbled across the forum and appreciate all the good information. Ok, my wife is not one to do these types of things but I thought I would as I find it informative. Wife has decided to apply for a VA RN job. So far she has applied to 3 different positions in 3 different areas of the country. The hometown position had mutiple openings and she received the " eligible - referred to selecting official" 3 days after the closing. I thought was pretty fast but it has been almost 4 weeks now and not heard anything further. Another position a week after closing, she received a NOR only stating she was EL (eligible for the position) - that was just recently and nothing further since then. The final position it has been 10 days since closing and not received any notification of results yet. I asked her if she wanted to call the HR lady for any of these and said no she does not want to bug them and they have my resume and application and will call me if they want. If it were me I would call just get a timeline but then I am not a very patient person to begin with. Anyway, hopefully she will get an interview soon and by reading the comments here, it has helped a lot knowing what to expect.
  11. by   Marshall1
    The hiring process in some cases literally has taken years and does not take less than months - even after scoring an interview - that's the easy is NOT as fast/easy/understandable as the private sector. And, depending on where she is applying, some things may have changed..there have been and are going to be some lay-offs and closing of some dept in one of the VA's in my state (Ga).

    If she doesn't hear something at the 1 month mark, then I'd suggest calling and seeing if she is still be considered but right's too early.
  12. by   86toronado
    I have a question about the application process for any of you who have been through it... I put my application in over a month ago, and an email to the nurse recruiter just got me a standard reply stating it is in the "qualifications review" process. Is it normal to take over a month for a call back? Do they just wait until the closing date for the job posting (not until September) to start interviewing people? Just wondering if there is any way to know what's going on without being too annoying. I really want this job, and I know I'm qualified for it!
  13. by   iToniai
    From my understanding, the hiring manager isn't given potential candidates list until after the closing date of the job. I had a few interviews before eventually securing my position and I'm sure I was never contacted until after the closing date for those positions. The timeframe varied, I was contacted a few days after the closing date to as far out as 1 month.