VA Hiring process 2017

  1. I had an interview yesterday with the VA and I felt as is I failed the interview completely!! Same way I felt after NCLEX... I passed on my first try. Thank goddess! I was informed I should hear something back in 3-4 weeks ugh that's seems like an awful long time from here. This is not the same as a federal nursing poison but a state. If anyone has recently gone through this process please provide me with feedback (VA state position). How soon did you hear back? Was it from HR or the nurse manager? I Haven't sent my thank you email yet waiting a few days. I am not a veteran.
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  3. by   jeckrn
    It was with the Commonwealth of Virginia?
  4. by   Tneo8385
    I interviewed on a Wednesday was told I would hear back within a week, but heard back that Friday and I'm pretty sure its because I was the last candidate interviewed. So if it is still early in the interview process 3-4 weeks sounds about right for them to way the pros and cons of all qualified candidates and then make a decisions.
  5. by   KayLPN
    I think it's a good thing my references were contacted last week. I don't think they would just contact them it would be a waste of time unless they were interested... I guess it can be a little bit quicker for others... Anyone know about any testing requirement for med pass?
  6. by   Tneo8385
    I did not receive any med test until orientation. I did tele rhythm strips/ and what would you do scenarios during the interview. Other than that all testing was conducting during orientation. Their process is long and drawn out, hopefully congress can get together to help speed up the process.
  7. by   jeckrn
    usally if your references are contacted you have the position.
  8. by   Jessica12345
    Hi everyone,

    I am planning to apply to the VA, and I have a question about the VA form 10-2850a.

    In the last page, I have to check off some items.
    I am concerning the first box, "Authorize VA to make inquiries concerning such information about me to my previous employer(s), current employer..."

    I would like to maintain my current employment until the VA extends an offer to me.
    Does the HR at the VA contact to my previous and current employer(s)?
    I asked the HR, and the staff member said that the HR would do employment check, and a supervisor might do or not do reference check with current and/or previous employer(s).

    I would like to know the hiring process.
    I would appreciate it if people who went through these process gave me advice.
    Thank you in advance
  9. by   BerryhappyRN
    Hi All,
    I was interviewed on a Wednesday and received a call from the unit manager on Friday. Then got the call from HR 9 days later. My physical has been scheduled and I have 24 hours remaining to complete the Vetpro portion. I am also concerned about the Vetpro ROI paperwork, there is a portion of of it that requires my signature allowing the VA to contact my current and former employers. My current employer is notorious for walking staff out when they give notice so I am dreading the thought of them receiving a call even before I give my notice. Because I don't even have an orientation date set yet, I can't give notice yet.

    Any advice anyone?
  10. by   pfchang
    You do not have to give current employer info. VA knows that could cause you to lose your job. Call the HR people today and tell them you are not comfortable giving current info. They can not expect you to take a chance on possible immediate termination.
  11. by   rmgaines88
    Current VA Hiring Process
    Applied on 8/10
    Position closed on 8/11
    "Referred" on 8/31
    Emailed HR recruiter on 9/5 and did not receive response
    Called HR recruiter on 9/11 and received notification from HR recruiter that I would be called if they're interested in interviewing me.

    Very nervous. I'm a new grad with no experience. I know this would be an incredible opportunity for me because I'm passionate about serving my country and I believe I can do this through serving our vets. I'm just really nervous about going without working on my nursing skills for so many months. I'm noticing it takes on average between 2-3 months to hear something back.
  12. by   Matomlins
    Hi, I'm seeking some direction on a recent application in IL.
    Posting closed on 9/13
    Received email on 9/20 that I was qualified and referred for a possible interview.
    Current status of app is "Reviewed" on

    Thoughts on what will happen next?

    Also, I was not prompted (that I could tell) to request/forward academic transcripts. Could that be a delay, or would those be reviewed if I get an interview?

    Thank you for your help. Much appreciated!
  13. by   Matomlins
    Hi, Would appreciate any insight you could offer to my post. Thank you!
  14. by   SubieRN
    Quote from Matomlins
    Thoughts on what will happen next?

    Also, I was not prompted (that I could tell) to request/forward academic transcripts. Could that be a delay, or would those be reviewed if I get an interview?

    Thank you for your help. Much appreciated!
    It's a toss up. A hiring manager can receive many referred applicants for a particular position, yet only interview a handful... or none at all if internal candidates are attractive. Some managers use a rating tool to screen applicants on criteria such as degree level, certification, previous experience, etc., and who gets selected for an interview is ultimately a very objective process.

    Transcripts are a non-issue. Some HR departments may ask for them up front, and some may not. If you are selected for an interview and then offered a position, your qualifications would be vetted during the hiring process.

    Good luck!