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I would like to hear from VA nurses or US govt nurses. Do you like your jobs, pay and benefits? Two of my friends worked for the VA Dallas hospital and they reported the med surg/ ICU staffing was... Read More

  1. by   bestallaround
    Let me add, that I do love my job. I'm there for the vets. I don't let the rough stuff bother me. I have been there 5 years now, and will probably stay a while. They have great benefits, there is job security, and when I decide to go back to school, they have education opportunities. If you can stay focused on your work, wipe your hands at the end of the shift, it's a good place to work. I wish the VA could find a way to keep all the good workers, instead of chasing them off.
  2. by   79Tango
    The Houston VA MedSurg floor has 6:1 patient ratio.
  3. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    i suppose it depends on which va facility and what region of the country. i've read some horrible and sad stories on this site about the va as well as some satisfying stories.
    i am a current student nurse in my bsn school and all my clinicals are held at the san francisco va (except maternity and pediatrics, obviously) until graduation. it's a new pilot program with my school and the sf va. i also volunteer weekly as a student at another va, the va palo alto, which is supposedly the best in the nation or so i was told. i really like the facility at the va palo alto and the environment was great. didn't hear many bad things from families and guests. there is, however; competition for nurses to get a job is tough. i've also heard many wonderful things from the san francisco va from my clinical coordinator; they're trying to seek hiring from my clinical group hence all my clinicals are there. maybe the va centers in the san francisco bay area are probably one of the best to go for, though i could be wrong, and i suppose most vets are satisfied with the care here in palo alto, it definitely shows on their faces and among their interactions with the staff when they ambulate or take walks. i'm not sure how it's like for other vas among the other parts of the country, but as mentioned first, i suppose it depends on which va facility and region you are in.
    before my family and i moved to the san francisco bay area, my mother had a job as a nurse at the va in houston, texas. i volunteered there in high school, and i was also satisfied with the va. my mom was paid less there compared to what she gets paid in the va at palo alto now, but she was after the benefits.
    i can definitely agree with some of the posts above, the processes of some are just horrible. things go by so slow but it's a government-ran facility. when i volunteered at the va in palo alto under nursing administration, there were mounds of paper works that needed to be done and not many workers doing them. you do deal with a whole lot of beaurocracy. some people who are qualified to do bedside work would rather be doing admin work, while others just work to pay for bills. but i guess one can not easily rid of laziness in the environment while there are those, too, who need admin changes, not changes in admin itself.

    overall, my experiences with the va have been positive ones, and i hope they remain positive too. i would recommend nurses to the va palo alto and san francisco.