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  1. Hi everyone! I'm seeking information on joining the Navy Nurse corps as an active duty officer. I know there are a lot of threads out there on this topic, but I'd like to pitch my circumstance for some extra feedback.
    I'm in a nursing program through my community college while con-currently enrolled at a university... so i'm currently taking BSN courses to finish ahead. I will hopefully graduate with my ADN from the community college May 2019, and have my BSN completed May 2020. So I will be able to start working as a RN spring '19 after I pass NCLEX, all the while completing my BSN. I've heard that in order to commission in the Navy as an officer, you need one year of nursing experience. I'll have this one year under my belt at the time I graduate with my BSN, so it all sort of works out.
    My interests are ED/trauma so I'm shooting for a residency in that department once I get my license. Eventually, I want to be trained as a flight nurse for the Navy. Coming from a military family, and without anything/anyone tying me down here in Virginia, I want to be deployed and have experienced combat zones first hand. Would ED/trauma be fitting or at all preparatory for flight nursing? What are the chances I'd be given this opportunity in the Navy? How do you choose your specialty as a Navy nurse, or do they choose for you based on your experience? I'm already in contact with an officer recruiter, as I initially tried to go through NCP but all fell through because I was enrolled in two different schools. When should I start working with my recruiter to begin applying for commission? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Unfortunately the Navy does not recognize your time as an ADN-prepared RN, so any time before your BSN does not "count." This will likely alter your timeline.
  4. by   LittleBit94
    Hey! I'm in a very similar situation! I live in VA, I'm an ADN student finishing in May 2019 and will finish my BSN in May 2020. I am interested in the NCP as well. Maybe we could work together to find out information. I've spoken with one recruiter and have an interview coming up.
  5. by   jfratian
    I would highly encourage you to look at the Air Force instead.

    First, the Navy will not count any RN experience that you acquire prior to earning a BSN for the purpose of time in grade credit (i.e. promoting early to next rank); the Air Force will recognize diploma or ADN RN experience as long as you earn a BSN prior to commissioning. You may not be eligible to apply as an ER or ICU nurse in the Navy if you acquire that experience before earning a BSN.

    Second, the Navy doesn't have very many flight nursing positions. While all 3 branches have flight nurses, the vast majority of them are in the Air Force. You may find it extremely difficult to transition to flight nursing at all in the Navy.

    Finally, while ER experience is sometimes accepted, it would be easier for you if you got ICU experience if flight nursing is your goal. You may have a hard time getting the skills you need (i.e. vents, vasoactive drips) if your ER is in a smaller hospital.
  6. by   duckierun
    If you are interested in becoming a flight nurse you might want to consider the Air Force instead as there are more opportunities for flight nurses in that branch. While there are a handful of billets on the Navy side, I recently interviewed a nurse that held one and in the two years she was in the position she only flew one patient.