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  1. I asked all this on the general discussion, but didn't get a lot of responses so here goes again: Is there anyone out there in the public health service or have been. I'm trying to get an idea of the pros and cons. Are you required to move a lot similar to the military? Are the pay and benefits good? Any realistic information would be helpful. Thanks
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  3. by   diannerodgers

    I work for the Indian Health Svc and with a lot of commissioned corps folks. I was Army for almost 14 yearsThere are pros and cons to everything. If you do not have prior service, and if you have been an RN for very long, you are going to take a tremendous pay cut. You do not have to move unless you want to, but it will limit promotion opportunity--on the other hand if you want to move you have to find a slot on your own, but it's do-able. You are only required to wear the uniform one day a week and most off shift people don't even do it that often. You have the same pay and benefits as the navy commissioned officer--and the same uniform with USPHS insignia; rank structure is the same. Formality is pretty nonexistant. Retirement now takes thirty years for 1/2 pay, or 20 years and you collect 1/2 pay at age 60--something like that--it's not as good as it once was, but what is?

    If you're interested in talking to some corps members, I can give your email addy to them. This forum doesn't give it, so you will have to reply to me at diannerodgers@lycos.com.

    Have you considered a federal civilian employee position?

    Hope this helps,
  4. by   boobaby42
    I've just started working in public health for my state. It is so different! The pay is less than other areas, but the benefits are wonderful! They provide an excellent orientation and RN's are "expanded roll RN's" and I love it. I have more opportunities to educate my client's and I feel as though I really am making a major difference to some of these folks.
  5. by   nightingale
    How do you look for the federal jobs? I see the Public Helath jobs advertised and pay is low; you are right, the benefits are sapposed to be the best.
  6. by   moonrose2u
    is there an age limit for entry?
  7. by   shelley
    I am in the Indian Health Service and an OB RN on the Navajo Reservation. There are two paths, the corp as stated above or civil servant (me). No age restrictions and not considered military but part of govt retirement system. The IHS has many job opening all over the country, pay is less than private sector probably due to pay scale being set by congress and you know how long an act of congress takes to change anything. No low census call off days though, guaranteed 80 hours a pay period which is way different than private sector practices. I worked private sector prior to IHS.
  8. by   nightingale
    Where are you in CO Shelly? I am in Wyoming. The only reservations are very north of here.

    Currently, I commute to Denver from Cheyenne and work per diem agency.

  9. by   Rock
    You are obviously talking about the US Public Health Service Corps. There were many USPHS hospitals throughout the US, but president Reagan closed them all. They hired both corps people and civil service.

    The corps is a quasi military outfit. Some members did the entire twenty (20) years at one location, others preferred moving around.

    The only thing left is Bureau of Prisons and Indian Health.

    They are requiring a degree, but in earlier days, only RN was required.


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  10. by   baseline
    I worked with the IHS. Pay is adequate...not great. I was civil service. Benefits are ok. Experience.......unbelievable. I would go back in a heartbeat if my circumstances were different.
  11. by   joy31
    Hi, I am currently processing to go into the usphs as a military officer. I think that the pay is much higher and the benifits are excellent. you can look on the web site at www.usphs.gov. There is alot of good info on this site if you want to ask me more questions my email address is wjoy27@msn.com.