Starting Salary for VA LPN - page 3

My husband is just starting all the paperwork for the VA. I was curious to know where everyone started on the pay scale. My husband has been working as an LPN since Dec. it will be... Read More

  1. by   jeckrn
    Hard to say, the VA moves at their own pace. It sounds like you have the job, just waiting to pass everything.
  2. by   a32808
    Just got my formal offer. The salary was very good. I am a LVN with 15 years experience and the salary offered was wayyyyyy better than any job I have had in the private sector. If you are an LVN the VA is definitely the way to go.
  3. by   j9eRN
    Hopefully someone can fill me in here. I just accepted a tentative position with the VA in Cleveland. I faxed them all of the documents that they requested. I have been an RN since June 2102 and I received my NSN in 2013 and my MSN in December 2016. When they are calculating the years of experience, do they go from when you got your RN if you have worked full time the entire time? What grade will I fall under. The position says the that salary is 60-112k. When I am looking at it, I think that I fall under nurse IV or V but I am not certain. My position will be RN in the education department as Spinal Cord Educator