So I have a ADN and a Bachelors in Art. No dice for Active Duty?

  1. So like the title states, I just received my ADN, and I also have a bachelors of arts from 2004. I was wondering, would the bachelors in some round-about way allow me to join as active duty as a nurse, even if my nursing education is only at a ADN level?

    I know the answer is probably "no" and I'm grasping at straws here. Never the less, thank you in advance
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  3. by   jeckrn
    You have it right, no BSN no active duty. You need to look in to some type of RN-BSN program if you want to go active. With a ADN you can go reserves in the Army.
  4. by   Cursed Irishman
    The odds of going reserves w/ an adn have diminished greatly. W/ so many nurses looking towards the military there isn't the willingness to commission adn's. Look at the STRAP program, very worthwhile.
  5. by   athena55
    You know you could still go AD but it would be at the Enlisted level, even with an ADN, you would come in as a SPC but probably not at your MOS UNLESS you were a 68WM5 (LPN) and even then you would come in as a SPC.
    Cursed has a very valued point: look at the STRAP program
    Also as JeckRN stated, look at the Reserves side of the house - you would be able to Commission as an Officer but you wouldn't be able to go any farther in rank than CPT without your BSN (in the RC)
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