Patience pays off - Navy Nurse Corps

  1. Hi Everyone!
    So I had applied for the Navy Nurse Corps about a year and a half ago.. while I was still in nursing school. After graduating with my BSN, obtaining my RN and sending out a bunch of resumes and applications to kill some time, I finally accepted a position in NY at a major teaching hospital. I moved to NY in December, losing faith a bit while waiting to hear if I was selected or not. In January I found out that I was on the alternate list because of the # of applicants.. as April 16th I was approved and given my selection letter!! I cannot believe it's finally happening.

    Now I am anxiously working with my detailer to obtain my orders and be commissioned back home. In the meantime, I need to put my 2 weeks in at work once I find out my orders.. and move back home and put all my furniture in storage. For anyone who has recently gone through working with their detailer for orders, how long did it take for you to get them? Also, I know there is an ODS class May 13th but that is so close so I'm hoping to get in July's class.

    For other Navy Nurse hopefuls, hang in there! Patience is key.. even when you start to lose sight of it, because eventually everything will fall into place!
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  3. by   newnavynurse
    Congrats on getting in!
  4. by   Josh.P
    Congrats on getting selected!
    I'm currently in the Navy, I have been in for 12 yrs (enlisted). To answer your question about detailers, once you get selected for a set of orders they have to wait for the funding to "release" them. (each set of orders cost the Navy about $5,000) once that happens its just a matter of time before you get your hard copies. I have received orders in as little as 2 1/2 weeks other times it has taken close to 2 months. Hope this helps, any other questions about the Navy feel free to ask!
  5. by   jrg127
    Thank you Josh! Im sure I'll have plenty more questions for you in the coming weeks. I appreciate it!
  6. by   Mintyfreshness23
    Congratulations! I am excited for you! I want to do the same thing. I was prior enlisted in the Marine Corps and hoping to make a career change from a Systems Analyst to the Healthcare field. I start the ADN program this August (Fall 2012). Thank you for the motivation! I will get there one day!
  7. by   jrg127
    thank you guys! Mintyfreshness - best of luck with the ADN program thats very exciting! If you put your mind to it, you can do anything (cheesy but true).

    I officially received my orders: ODS 8 July, graduated 10 August and I report to San Diego 20 August. I'm officially done with my job here in NY 27 May.. looks like I better start boxing up some stuff!
  8. by   Mintyfreshness23
    That's awesome! I have a few friends who graduated with their BSN this month (yes, I admit it...I'm jealous), but they have been told to wait at least 6-8 months for the interview process with the panel for the Navy Nurse Corps. I knew it was competitive, but I know a few people who are getting the run around about the Navy Nurse Corps and about getting in. I have shared your story with them and at least they have a better idea on what to expect.

    San Diego=Awesome!
  9. by   jrg127
    Tell them that it definitely takes a long time and its a lot of paperwork and running around, but its definitely worth it. Being proactive during the process definitely helps, but also waiting around is sort of part of it too. I had started the process the summer before going into my senior year of nursing school.. i had my 2 interviews and went to MEPS that summer, then each month there was something my recruiter needed from me that was either misplaced, or outdated. Once I had graduated they then needed my BSN degree and then later a copy of my RN license. you would think that the hardest part would be the interviews and MEPS but those all happened efficiently and pretty quick.
  10. by   SeattleRN25
    Can anyone tell me if there is a different application to the navy nurse corps?
  11. by   chelauren
    Congrats on getting in! I'm meeting with a recruiter next week to see if Navy Nursing is really what I want to do. Anything specific I should make sure to ask him?
  12. by   jrg127
    Thank you! When meeting with a recruiter it helps to have some questions written down, do your research too since a lot of info can be found on the navy website. But most of my questions were based off the info shared on the website. Such as requirements, commitment and work load/duty stations. Good luck!
  13. by   chelauren
    Thanks jrg127!