Need A Good Army Recruiter

  1. Live in Seattle. Looking to join Army Reserves as a perioperative nurse. Anyone know a good recruiter? Thanks
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  3. by   chare
    You need to make certain that you are working with someone doing officer accessions, preferably healthcare officer accessions, and not a general Army recruiter. There are a few members that are active duty that hopefully will see this and be able to provide you with better information.

    Best wishes.

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  4. by   techraider77
    Thanks. I worked with a previous recruiter but could never get her to call me back. Haven't submitted any paperwork yet.
  5. by   jfratian
    Honestly, I wouldn't put too much stock into the quality of your recruiter. At best, officer recruiters are overworked with way more applicants than spots. At worst, they are often just apathetic and know that they don't have to work very hard to fill their quotas. Generally speaking, you can't pick your recruiter anyway; they are assigned to you based on broad geographic regions. When I applied, mine covered all RN recruiting in North and South Carolina for the Air Force.

    You just need to be persistent, contacting them at least once or twice a week through multiple forms (email and phone). There is usually a 'supervision' option on the phone tree. Try that if you don't get a response after multiple attempts over several weeks.