military obligation as a nurse during and after active duty

  1. If one is accepted to one of the nursing scholarship programs through Army, Navy ie) NCP etc... that pays for some tuition, what is the active duty time one owes to the military and if one decides not to make it a career after serving this time, and decides to go back to school for NP etc.. after leaving, can the military pull you out of your graduate program to send you back to active duty if you are needed. Or are there exceptions such as going back to school? I ask because if one did elect not to make a career move and decided to not re-enlist and that individual goes back to school for NP etc... if the military pulls you out while in a program then you would in a very bad situation as you just lost the money and time you put into going to NP school. Would this be correct?
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  3. by   Jarnaes
    IF the military needs you, they can pull you out... Your individual needs does not supersede the needs of the military.
    I don't know much about the scholarship option, but in most cases, once you sign on that dotted line they own you for the next 8 years.
  4. by   just_cause
    For all intensive purposes.. that would be correct.
  5. by   jeckrn
    with most schools you would only loss time. In NYS the school has to bring you back in the same semester as when you left. But it is a pain if you are pulled out.