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I am graduating with my BSN in May of this year (only a few more weeks, yay!). I have thought about joining the air force for a while and went to talk to a nurse recruiter this past week. the problem... Read More

  1. by   Cursed Irishman
    Quote from jeckrn
    60 minutes is anti military and is going to show anything to make it look bad.
    Since the video wasn't about the military and was about civilian employers and their compliance with USERRA, its safe to say you didn't even watch it. This broad and factually incorrect statement, reflects a lack of willingness to view the issue from another angle.

    Quote from jeckrn
    You only have reemployment rights for 5 years
    You've stated this a minimum of three times in this thread alone; no one isn't arguing this isn't technically correct. You are blurring your limited personal experience into a theoretical proposition that varies widely from your experience. Just because you have not personally had issues regaining employment, does not mean USERRA is completely effective or would be in the way you are advocating. Your position is erroded even further since I've posted a credible news report that cites examples of USERRA's ineffectiveness in influencing civilian employers.

    If at this juncture, you do not understand what is at contention, there is no purpose in continuing. Have a pleasant day.
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  2. by   jeckrn
    Same to you if you do not understand that this is just one thing that is out there that is available for use. Yes like every program there is problems which relflects on the employer as stated in previous post, do you want to work for a company that does not adhere to the law and its moral obligation? You state that I have not seen the video, have you read USERRA?
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    A gentle reminder (before this thread deteriorates) to please debate the topic, and not each other.
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    Quote from BBFRN
    A gentle reminder (before this thread deteriorates) to please debate the topic, and not each other.
    Where's the military bearing
    Save the bloodshed for the General Nursing Student Discussions