I'm an RN already, can I join?

  1. I take NCLEX in a couple weeks, so then I will be an RN... is there a spot in the military for a licensed RN, with an ADN? Which branches? What kind of programs are available to nurses in the military?
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  3. by   oaktown2
    I believe that at this point all branches require a BSN. If you were to do a RN-BSN program then you could definitely look into joining. There is a sticky at the bottom of the gov/military forum page that lists the requirements for all branches.
  4. by   Sw88tpea
    I'm in the Navy, they only take BSN. I imagine the other services are the same. You may be able to apply for the Navy Nurse Candidate Program to get a scholarship to get your BSN.

    Nurse Candidate Program
  5. by   caliotter3
    Congratulations on your achievement. Talk to a recruiter to find out current requirements, however, think you will find that the BSN is mandatory for all services. Good luck.
  6. by   jeckrn
    At this time you need to have a BSN in all services. Until about year ago you could join the Army Reserve with an ADN, but no longer. If you plan on joining after you get your BSN it would be best if you work during that period since it will make you more compatitive. You can start the paperwork to join around 12 months before you finish the BSN program. You will need to speak with a HealthCare recruiter not the local enlisted recruiter. Once you reach out to the recruiters they are not fast in getting back to you. They can take a couple of months to get back from what other posters have stated.
  7. by   rndiver82
    The BSN is required for all branches. If I were you, I would ask about possible scholarship opporunities available from whichever branch you are considering. This could really grease the wheels for your entry, unlike those of us who did not get one, or were not knowledgeable enough beforehand to ask about one. Positions are getting EXTREMELY competitive and doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon. And don't be scared to go talk with a Health Care Professionals Recruiter for all branches, complare notes and ask LOTS of questions. Each branch has different entry requirements and different things that they look for in an applicant. The more you can do to improve how you look, the better your chances. Try getting into volunteer hours, stay physically fit (you can see the PT requirements on-line or get a personal trainer to put you through a military-style workout) and, above all, BE VERY PATIENT WITH THE PROCESS. I started applying over 18 months ago and was a on-select my first time around. The process is very taxing on you and any family you may have, so it's not for everyone. You really need to want to serve or it can get very discouraging. Sorry to sound like a down-trip, but I wish I had known much of this before I started applying because it has been a very hard thing to go through for me and my family. Mostly its just the waiting game. But I just keep my mind on the benefits for those involved, personally and professionally. Good luck and may your journey be a little smoother than mine!
  8. by   nurse2033
    BSN is required. But if you are serious, get a job, get your BSN, and by then you have a few years experience and what they are looking for. Get fit, don't get arrested and you will be good to go!