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  1. So I posted a post a year and a half ago about attempting to get into the Air Force as a critical care nurse. I have been an ICU nurse for almost 6 years. When I applied the first time it appeared as though I would get right in. But due to the down turn in the economy, lots of people trying to get into the Air Force, etc etc I was unsucessful. I have sat for 3 boards now with no success.
    I just went through the interview process again and updated my packet. My recruiter tells me that the board that meets at the end of Jan will be selecting 25 ICU nurses. He personally does not have any other critical care nurses applying. Anyone out there applying for critical care in the Air Force. Anyone else hear about the number of nurses being selected this time? Anyone know anything about anything?
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  3. by   midinphx
    I am an AF ICU nurse. I got in May 2010. When we went through this wait, we had no clue about numbers either. You persistence is to be applauded. I hope this is the time if all works out.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    bryango, I remember you. Wishing you the best of luck this go-round!!
  5. by   bryango
    Thanks LunahRN. I am hoping that 4th time is a charm. This will probably be the last try as I would have to redo meps in order to sit for the board after the January one. I am curious to know if there are a lot of people attempting to get into Air Force ICU as there have been in the past.
  6. by   taytay3287
    Are you applying for the January 2013 round? I am... kind of hesitant though thinking maybe I should change and try med surg? Have you heard if a lot of people are applying?
  7. by   bryango
    I am reapplying in January 2013. I was an alternate in the May nursing board for critical care. A few short weeks later i was selected. I was suppose to go to COT in Aug, then onto Nellis as my duty station. I found out a few weeks before I was to leave that I was medicallly disqualified by the surgeon general of the Air Force due to having lasix eye surgery in may. I have to wait 6 months, have another eye exam, then be cleared by the SG. After that I will have to redo my MEPS (big time boo) and reapply. I figure I will give it two more tries. If not selected, I am going to move on to getting an advanced practice degree. Good luck to you.
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Geez, bryango!! I am so sorry about all the obstacles. That is silly about the LASIK -- I had it done and the Army was fine with it, I just had to submit surgical/post-surg notes from my ophthalmologist. I hope it works out for you this time!!
  9. by   SRNA4U
    I'm surprised that it has been this hard to get into the ICU within the AF. I am a Major on active duty in the AF and I work in critical care. I know we are around 90% manned in the ICU career field and our Critical Care Fellowship program just selected about 20 nurses from within the Air Force for training to become ICU or ER nurses. i had no idea it was this bad. I know with the economy and all and the Defense Budget cuts are impacting all of the services including the nurse corps. I'm just wondering how much longer are they going to keep the retention bonuses they currently offer. We $20,000/yr for a 4 contract if you are board certified in a nursing specialty. Talks is with the decrease in funding, bonuses could be impacted.

    I'm leaving active duty in November to start a civilian nurse anesthesia program so at least that will be one slot open for an ICU nurse. H
  10. by   SRNA4U
    Hopefully things will work out for you.
  11. by   carlily0513
    I am applying for one of the ICU positons....fingers crossed and good luck!
  12. by   nurse2033
    How about Guard or reserve CCAT team? They really need experienced ICU nurses and would value your experience, (I don't know where those units are though sorry). A recruiter might be able to find out.
  13. by   romaniam
    I can't believe they're giving you a hard time about the LASIK. I had LASIK done and had no records because the place I did it went out of business. So MEPS referred me to an ophthalmologist and SG cleared me. Your recruiter should be able to tell you how many slots are available for ICU. My recruiter gave me that information when I started my application process. Maybe you can update your personal statement or get new or additional references to make your application stronger. Good luck to you.