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Hey everyone, I've been searching the threads to see if anyone is applying for the HPSP military scholarship this year. All of the other threads are outdated or only apply to those going for the... Read More

  1. by   mocapoca
    Quote from ariocwhite
    Still waiting on results for the board. My recruiter is out of state on leave, so I am stuck with waiting. Any idea why only four when they quoted a need for ten? I am not sure I want to pay for my first year of classes and still repay three years. Seems like a scam to me. They can intentionally select us later to pay for less. Bum deal really. Well, congrats anyways. They should be forced to pay for your first year though!
    I hope you got your results! I was contacted in late august by my recruiter saying that all of the slots had been filled. So, I was just going to submit my package next year in hopes of getting in...then I got a message in September saying that a spot had freed up and if I wanted to continue. Long story short, I had my chief nurse interview yesterday and will have a phone interview with an NP in like 9 minutes!!! My recruiter told me that my package will be looked at next month and then by December 5th I should have an answer. So don't give up!!!

    Congrats audqyee on being accepted! And good luck to everyone else if you are still in the process!
  2. by   allenaa2016
    I got chosen as the first alternate for the anesthesia slots :/
  3. by   ariocwhite
    I am alternate one for FNP. My recruiter said it very, very likely that first alternates will be selected.
  4. by   ariocwhite
    I find this interesting since I was haven't been told any dates? Alternates usually take any new positions. This may be good new. Perhaps they do have more spots, and those waiting will be notified.
  5. by   Skylerread94
    Thought I would join in on this chat.

    I just got accepted into an FNP/DNP program for Fall, 2016 and also been applying for the HPSP program for the December, 2016 selection.

    During my Chief Nurse interview, he let me know that he had no idea how many were going to be selected, and even asked me if I had heard; which I have not, not even from my recruiter.

    My recruiter just emailed all of his applicants that our applications have been sent to the board today, October 28th for the review board taking place November 15th-19th.

    It is my understanding that the HPSP is looking at all applicants across the US, but if anyone can comment further on this I would appreciate it.

    I'm told that we'll find out who's 1) Selected, 2) Alternate, or 3) Not selected in the first few weeks of December (maybe earlier, maybe later).

    Good luck to everyone applying for this round! =)
  6. by   mocapoca
    Sooo, I got a text message on Friday from my recruiter telling me that results would be in today, but I haven't heard anything yet and it's killing me?!!! Anyone else hear anything yet?
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  7. by   mmanzella18
    Hey! Just researching a little and came across your post. I graduate with BSN in 8 weeks and currently finalizing requirements for DNP (FNP) so I can also get the HPSP.

    Would you mind chatting?!
  8. by   _zoubisoubisou_
    I realize this is an old thread, but does anyone have any tips on ways to prepare for the Chief Nursing Interview?
  9. by   jfratian
    The interview is a total softball informational meeting. The questions are super common: Why do you want to be in the AF? Are you okay carrying a gun? Are you okay deploying to the desert for 6 months at a time without your family? If you have kids/spouse, what's your plan when you have to leave them for training/deployments? How do you feel about moving every 2-4 years?

    I would just think about those questions a little bit and you should be fine.
  10. by   Ehow1188
    I realize this is an old thread, but I am wondering if the Air Force HPSP for nuses will cover a Direct Entry program (RN-MSN bridge program)? Tried contacting the lists HPSP recruiter and he has not replied to any of my VM or emails. Any info would be great!
  11. by   fnpete
    As I understand they only cover DNP programs. HPSP only covers three years as well. There are very few programs that would qualify, but there are some out there that may.
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