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    hopefully I will be attending OBLC in october. is anyone willing to share their experience on what the housing arrangements are like at fort sam houston?


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  3. by   olderthandirt2

    In Nov 08, I stayed at bldg 592 (on base), some of our class stayed in bldg's near "the hacienda", both are high rise buildings......furnished rooms with a private bath. Mine had a kitchenette. There are laundering rooms on each floor.
    I had an early day flight in to SA, so I was giving a private room (at that time, it was available), but I believe the norm is to have a roommate.

    I have heard they are housing OBLC students off base now.....don't know.
    I do know, you do ALOT of walking all over FT SAM, bring GOOD boots.

    good luck,
  4. by   wisergeiser
    I too am going in October. Housing is at bldg 592. If you report early enough, you get housed there with a roommate. If it fills up, then overflow is off post at one of the hotels.
  5. by   athena55
    Hello All:
    Check out: www.cs.amedd.army.mil/187medbn/alpha
    And as wiser stated, try to get there early to request on-site billeting. My plane was delayed and when I got there I, along with ~30 other Officers, was sent off post to a hotel (very nice hotel) BUT: we all needed to wait for transport (a nice Army Bus) but because the bus only came and went at certain hours we consistently missed chow at dinner time, nor were we able to make chow at breakfast.
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    Sorry about that!
    Here is a link for RC:
  8. by   Scooty Puff Jr
    I was at April 2009 OBLC. The housing depends on if you are long or short course. All the long course stay on post.
    The short course is divided between the post and a hotel ( we had 150 at the hotel.) If you are short course, the motel is the way to go, private room, many resturants, walmart, sports authority and a mall neraby. The hotel shuttle will take you within three miles for free (we tipped them a buck) The army bus for the post was never late, I never missed a meal, though I probably should have :-)
    My advice is to show up later in the day(after 1600) to check in at 592, everyone has to check in there, generally, they fill the post housing up first and the late comers get the private rooms at the hotel.
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