Army Reserve OBLC (April 2013)

  1. I finally got my date to OBLC for the next class on April 11. Wanted to see if anyone on here was also heading down. Give a shout if you or someone you know will be there!

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    You'll be joining a bunch of forum peeps who are already there for the Active Duty component ... lizzardmommy is there, LauRiN is there, among others. You can find them in the last few pages of this ginormous thread: Army Nurse Corps FY2013

  4. by   Need4Speed305
    I didn't realize the Reserve people actually mixed in with the Active folks. Thanks for the info though, looking forward to a good time in Texas!
  5. by   mmcgorrian
    Hi Need4Speed,

    I'll be in the April BOLC as well! Finally going after doing drill for a year now! Just got my orders, now I just need to figure out how I'm traveling there.
  6. by   Need4Speed305
    Sweet deal! Yeah, I got my email from HRC stating I had orders, but no idea how I am getting there either. I'm thinking about giving someone over there a buzz and asking if they are going to buy me a plane ticket or if I should go ahead and buy one myself. As per usual, they are very vague with info and there is no point of contact...go figure lol. Let me know if you get any further info.

  7. by   mmcgorrian
    I contacted the training sgt of my unit and she said to follow the directions on the orders. So I guess I'll try and set up my travel with the goverment credit card and DTS. Then I guess we call the billeting at Fort Sam to reserve a room for the days we are not out in the field. Guess I have a lot to do cause I go on vacation in 2 weeks and get back 1 to 2 days before the report date.
    How long have you been in the reserves Need4Speed (Nick)? Where are you coming from?
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  8. by   Need4Speed305
    Yeah, I was given an 800 number to call and was told they would book the flight and all that jazz, I'll call them in the morning. I have been in since July 2012, finished Phase 1 in October and have been waiting ever since. My packet for OBLC kept getting kicked back for every last thing, it was comical to a point. I'll be heading to Texas from the giant state of Rhode Island, you?
  9. by   mmcgorrian
    I commissioned Dec 2011; finished phase 1 last June in 2012 and have been waiting for a spot for phase 2 ever since. So happy to finally get BOLC accomplished. I'll be coming from Georgia.
  10. by   Maura
    Wow, did not realize it would take so long to get orders to go to BOLC. I was just inprocessed to my TPU and will start drilling in May after an excused absence for April drill. My training NCO has not gotten back to me regarding training/courses. I was hoping to head down this fall to do Phase 2. I am looking forward to hearing from you two regarding your experience. Good luck.
  11. by   Need4Speed305
    @Maura - as long as all your stuff is good to go and you have completed Phase 1 online you can schedule a date to go. If you have not started Phase 1, I would suggest starting/finishing that as soon as you can take a while. If you need to know how to sign up for it (self-enrollment) PM me and I will walk you through it. Also, be sure your Medical Readiness and GAT training are "GREEN" in your AKO. If they are not, talk to your training NCO about making sure those are good to go or else you will not be able to enroll in Phase 2. The GAT can be done at your unit and takes 5-10min to complete. The Medical Readiness may require you to call LHI and make appointments for various check-ups that you need prior to being up to date. Again, these are things your training NCO should be able to help you with. If you have any issues, contact me, I am the training OIC for my unit and I know the system well. At the bottom of this message I am posting the BOLC dates for Phase 2 for 2013 so you can get a better idea of the time you will want to head down.

    @mmcgorrian - what time are you arriving in Texas? My flight gets in at 11:10a on the 11th.
  12. by   mmcgorrian
    I can't remember specifically when I land, but I leave Atlanta around 915am, so I should be arriving around lunchtime. There is another LT from my unit who's coming as well but hasn't got his flight info yet
  13. by   Need4Speed305
    Quote from mmcgorrian
    I can't remember specifically when I land, but I leave Atlanta around 915am, so I should be arriving around lunchtime. There is another LT from my unit who's coming as well but hasn't got his flight info yet

    Well if you get in around 11:10 let me know, I'll go halfs with you on a cab ride. I hear they are like $20 to post (***!). I am heading down there with 3 others from my unit but we all get in like 2hrs between eachother so I doubt anyone is going to wait.
  14. by   mmcgorrian
    Sure sounds great! I looked at my itinerary, and looks like I land at 11:16. Have you received anything in the mail indicating specifics about what we're to bring? All I've gotten were my orders. Also, do you know what the standard procedure is for flying regarding do we wear civilian clothes or our uniform?