Army Nurse Corps FY2013

  1. Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for the veterans of the ANC to pass on some advice.

    Share your story and hopefully we will meet down in San Antonio this Winter/spring of 2013

    Ill start with my story,

    I am a 28 y/o critical care nurse with 2 years experience in a level 2 trauma center in Virignia. I passed MEPS at Ft. Eustis and have submitted security packet, letters of reference and letter of intent.

    I am applying to the October review board for Active Duty Army Nurse Corps for the 66H8A(critical care) and 66T(trauma) programs( I am not sure if they are still running this one, but you don't get what you don't ask for).

    I am happily married with a baby on the way, my wife is 100% behind a move the Army and I feel blessed to have her love and support.

    The road to the Army has been a long one with a degree in Biology, stint as a drug rep and return for an accelerated BSN.

    I love being a nurse and love working in critical care. I hope to serve my country in uniform treating service members & their families at home and in forward deployed units.

    I want to be an critical care nurse and officer in the U.S. Army and I hope that I will get to meet all of you in uniform at BOLC, at MEDDAC, CSH or FST in CONUS or OCONUS.

    Here's to all us achieving our dreams of becoming Army Nurses!

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Best of luck to you! From what I've heard, the critical care course is still combined ICU/ER for the didactic portion with two separate clinical tracks depending on if you're going to be an 8A or a M5. Welcome to the hurry-up-and-wait! Worth every second.
  4. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Thanks Lunah! Good to know about the 66T, I am currently studying for the CCRN exam. I figuring having a CCRN will help nail shut the 8A identifier for the review board.

    My friend who is a LTC in the Medical Corps advised me that anything to do with the Army I should bring a book

    How long did you have to wait to find out you got a commission? and then how long for orders?
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Good idea with the CCRN -- having a certification is kind of a "gold standard" and will make you more desirable for the board. Not sure if it'll still be offered, but there have been Incentive Specialty Pay (ISP) bonuses offered in the past for nurses that hold certifications. I came in with both my CEN and CPEN and was able to get the ISP bonus (you have to decline any accession bonus to be eligible, though, just FYI). It's best if you get that 8A identifier approved before your packet goes to the board. I had my M5 identifier before our board met. I didn't go to the course, came in fully qualified. I'm not sure how having the identifier might affect attending the course, though.

    My packet was completed in October 2010, board met in mid-November 2010, and I found out that I was selected the first week of December 2010. Went to BOLC (officer basic) at Ft. Sam in March 2011. My report date was 23 March but I didn't get orders until 9 March (ugh). Kind of a nerve-wracking process, I gave notice at both my civilian hospitals (full-time job and PRN job) long before I got orders -- scary!
  6. by   AjaxAndronicus

    Great to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats on making it through and becoming an Army Nurse Corps Officer!

    My "plan"(which is thrown away the first time the action starts) is to sit for the CCRN this August/Sept, sit for the CNRN(Neuroscience cert, I am interested in TBI and work in neuro/trauma ICU) in Sept/Oct and have my packet submitted this October. I hope to get commissioned late Oct/ early Nov and begin the wait for orders.

    I havent heart about the ISP, but I will mention it to my recruiter. I have put in for the Active Duty Health Loan Repayment Program (ADHLRP) and sign on bonus for 6 years AD, not sure how many reserve.

    Thank you again for advice and your article are extremely helpful to the Army hopeful!
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Aha ... if you're taking the loan repayment, you can't do the ISP ... I think, pretty sure. It's kind of like "pick one."
  8. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Gotcha! Honestly I would be happy with a commission and no loan repayment or bonus, if they are there thats great, if not that great too. I just want to serve my country, it's been a life long dream.
  9. by   chudder
    Why not jump into the Army's CRNA program? You have enough time to get your packet in for a FY2013 start......
  10. by   AjaxAndronicus
    I had thought about it, but I would rather cut my teeth in the Army as a Critical Care RN. Then apply to USAGPAN as an O-3 with some experience from deployments and tours of duty.

    Are you applying to the CRNA program?
  11. by   just_cause
    I like chudder's suggestion as well.
  12. by   chudder
    I'm starting Phase 1 at USAGPAN now, and I was in a similar position as you about 1.5 years ago. More experience certainly can't hurt-- just wanted to make sure you are aware of the option to go to an amazing CRNA school next year You may end up wishing you had just gone straight in.......
  13. by   NickiLaughs
    Hi everyone, I've only just begun trying to contact a recruiter. I finally got the okay from my husband. I've got 3 years critical care and a little bit of case management. There's a good chance I will be medically disqualified, but if you don't pursue your dreams you never know.
  14. by   zombie
    I was in your position.

    I took the 30k bonus for 4 years at the time, I kick myself now... I missed out on the 20k per YEAR for four year bonus they offer and I am only eligible for it after doing 3 out of 4 years of my current obligation. Of course my recruiter didn't know/mention this. This is the CCRN ISP bonus.

    You may get about a year of constructive credit so you will come in as a 2LT make CPT probably in 3 years.

    Get your CCRN and visit the USAGPAN website and apply and come into school directly. So I basically took the route your taking now. You have to meet the same requirements to commission as an officer. But your basically adding on the school app.

    Nothing wrong with this route but consider going to school at the front end.