Army Nurse Corp Reserves advice/input on experience 2016

  1. Finally after clearing MEPs, completing 50+page application, finding references and signing my DA61 sheet my packet will go before Army Nurse Board Nov.15 2016, hopefully if I get selected I will comission as a 1stLT - just wanted any advice or 2 cents for those who have had military experience as a nurse.

    I have 2 boys and I chose the reservist route vs active to prevent them from having to move around too much and being able to live close at home to them. I've been an ICU nurse for almost 8 years and have always wanted to serve my country and this website has given me so much information so for the military nurses out there how is it? Why did you choose reserve vs active or vice versa

    I live in Houston according to my recruiter I will probably drill in Fort Sam in SA one weekend a month I was hoping there would be someone out there who can tell me about the experience, as far as drill weekends, scheduling, juggling civilian job and life etc. my recruiter has done well filling me in but reading personal stories on here is always great input as well.

    Thanks again and if someone can reach out to me personally please PM me with your email address I'd love to hear about your experience
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  3. by   PG2018
    I have trouble as well finding relevant information. I'm concerned with training. Deployment is an issue to deal with if that arises, but I don't want to take off and jet around for an odd training here and there above the basic, required training.

    I've passed the army nurse consultant to enter as a APRN. I need to submit references, a motivational statement, and schedule the physical.
  4. by   WKShadowRN
    I'm intrigued by this option, very much so. But I failed the Airforce physical because of my sight so that's deterred me from exploring this. Maybe as a civilian practitioner in a VA clinic I'd find the best of both worlds.
  5. by   RayRN87
    I have very bad vision as well but the Army MEPs was able to clear me still, maybe air force has stricter regulations for vision ? But I don't see how it would be an issue with corrected lenses
  6. by   RayRN87
    Psychguy keep it up! There's actually an fnp going into army nurse corp with me he signed up for 6 years to have the pay for his loans and he will commission as an O-3 captain while I can get in as an O-2 first lt
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    Quote from RayRN87
    Psychguy keep it up! There's actually an fnp going into army nurse corp with me he signed up for 6 years to have the pay for his loans and he will commission as an O-3 captain while I can get in as an O-2 first lt
    I'm definitely pursuing it. I'd just like to know more about requirements and "lifestyle." Maybe we can share information.

    A six year active drilling reserve commitment would be a $125k package for me. I'm thinking the reserve select three year obligation is sufficient for now. ISP is 75k. PM me if you'd like to talk further.
  8. by   RayRN87
    That is awesome, RNs are similar for a critical care nurse (66H8A) current bonus is 75k for a 3 year obligation for the reserves and from my understanding I can choose to go active after 2 years of service. Age limit to commission is 40, so I will definitely go for it but my only debate is whether I will regret not going active from the get go.

    As for training as soon as you commision you have A time window to schedule Officer trainining course. From what my recruiter says reserves drill one weekend a month and 2 weeks of training per year so we basically have to keep in shape on our own time I assume - will PM you once I know more n thx for feedback
  9. by   PG2018
    What no one will tell me is what the required training is after the two week officer training. Is there more nursing stuff? I know captain's career course is required.
  10. by   BermudaTriangle
    I actually applied to the Army Reserves as ARNP. My packet will be sent off this week. I did the 3-year option.
  11. by   RayRN87
    Skiggers that is awesome! Will you commission as an O3/Captain? Regardless, I wish you the best of luck, send me a PM or keep me posted.
  12. by   BermudaTriangle
    Hello RayRN87,

    My recruiter said I will be a First Lieutenant but it can change after I complete my doctoral program next year 2017.

    Did you sign up for the Loan Repayment by chance?
  13. by   RayRN87
    No, I went for the 3yr/75k bonus with ISP, MOS is 66S (critical care) and O-2. My friend that works at my hospital is an FNP, he is going for a 6yr commitment with 75k bonus first 3 years and full loan repayment for remainder of contract. I could ask him more details for you if you'd like, just PM me or let me know what you were wondering.

    Also did you ever struggle between choosing active vs reserve, or what made you decide on reserves? just wondering and i appreciate the info - best of luck on your doctoral program
  14. by   BermudaTriangle
    Thank you!
    I knew I wanted to do reserves from the get-go. I am in my late 20's and I didn't want to make a serious commitment just yet. I'm actually terrified of being deployed. It may be a possibility in the future..I am currently childless and unmarried.

    My recruiter is processing 2 individuals in that same category you wrote.

    Do you know how long we can delay officer training? I want to start mine after I graduate.

    I this your first time applying?