Army 66H from FY18

  1. Is anyone still waiting to actually commission from FY18? I was selected in Feb. scroll came back in July, but I still haven't commissioned. My recruiter said that everyone is having this issue? He said everything is done from the recruiting station's end, but we are waiting for the packet to be released so I can commission. Does anyone know what that actually entails and what in the world the hold up is?
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  3. by   jeckrn
    I am not sure but it could be because the changes that are happening with DHA is taking over the Army hospitals.
  4. by   kstone88435
    Well what are the odds! I just received the phone call and my time has finally come!
  5. by   jeckrn
    Did they tell you where you are going to be stationed at after OBLC?
  6. by   kstone88435
    No they did not. From my understanding it takes about a month after commissioning to receive orders.
  7. by   Kateboss
    Yes! I received my orders on Monday! I start DCC on November 18th and then after DCC and BOLC I will be at Fort Campbell.
  8. by   kstone88435
    So exciting and so soon! How long did it take for you to get your orders after commissioning? I highly doubt I will make it for the November class (I wonder if it is possible for me to make that one). So I'm hoping for the February one. I am a new nurse so I only have 10 options of where I can go. I currently live in Germany (my husband is stationed here) so I feel like it's highly possible that I could get Landstuhl, but I want to go to Hawaii soooo I'm very anxious to see where I will go!
  9. by   Kateboss
    I commissioned in June, and then in late September, they called me and told me I was going to DCC in November and gave me 5 choices of where I could be stationed: Alaska, Missouri, North Carolina, Fort Benning, and Fort Campbell. I was very tired and I heard 1 hour from Nashville, which sold me on Fort Campbell.
  10. by   kstone88435
    Goodness that was a long wait to hear anything. I probably would have picked Campbell as well. If not then Alaska good luck to you!
  11. by   amoLucia
    to all of you above - thank you for your service
  12. by   Miriya
    No official orders but I did get my RFO. Turned it in to the civilians that processess orders. Hopefully I get mine next week so I can start clearing. I'm suppose to go to the November class.