Air force nursing 2018

  1. As an applicant for the Air Force Nurse Corp 2018 I thought I would open a public thread for people to talk and ask questions. I was non-select in 2017 due to lack of time in a trauma center, but reapplying again for this FY2018 as ER/Trauma RN. This time I got some more certifications and experience under my belt and ready to move forward.
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  3. by   ashixes
    I'm all submitted for this board as well for ER!
  4. by   JmanRN80
    Good luck!
  5. by   St.BaptistRN
    I started applying for AF in May of 2016, still waiting on commission. You've got some free time on your hands to get all the experience/certifications you want
  6. by   cacole04
    I submitted for the FY2018 board, as well. I was told to expect an answer by the end of August. Has anyone else heard anything? Good luck everyone!
  7. by   ashixes
    Quote from cacole04
    I submitted for the FY2018 board, as well. I was told to expect an answer by the end of August. Has anyone else heard anything? Good luck everyone!
    I heard back about my score (1 to 10 scale) from my Col nurse interview from my recruiter but will still be in the dark until the middle of September is what I was told. I've never made a dream sheet though, have you?
  8. by   cacole04
    My recruiter had me fill out all the paperwork before my packet was submitted to the board. From what I've read each recruiter does it a little different though
  9. by   JmanRN80
    Well I finished all my interviews this week. I just have to review my preferences one more time for assignment and then submit my packet. All I can say is just do what you can to forget about it while the boards meet and make their decisions.
  10. by   Dendorn
    Hey everyone,

    I'm applying for psych-mental health for FY2018. Still waiting for approval from DoDMERB - had to send in some additional medical information. My recruiter initially wanted me medically approved before he set up the CN interview but since it's taking longer than expected he's working on it now. I started this process last July and it's taken quite awhile but I'm just as excited and determined to make it work as I was then. Wish you all the best of luck.
  11. by   PaigeChi
    I applied as an ER/Trauma RN as well. I submitted my application in April and was told I will hear back in August. I have a year of experience in a level 1 trauma center in Chicago. My recruiter said he could almost guarantee acceptance. But recently I have had a few changes in my personal life and was offered a great opportunity in our OR so I am trying to gather more information on nursing in the reserves. My recruiter told me there aren't many spots available at this time, but I don't know if he was telling me that in order for me to stay with active. I have put in a lot of work for this application process, so it's hard to think about giving that all up. Either way I want to be in the AF as a nurse either active or reserve, and I am specifically interested in flight nursing if I were to move forward with the reserves.

    Does anyone have more information on nursing in AF reserves?- Do they have spots? What is the work like? How does the application process differ than active? How long the application process takes..? Etc.
  12. by   JmanRN80
    Yeah, my recruiter said the same thing also. I have just over a year of level 2 trauma in the chicagoland area.
  13. by   ashixes
    Paigechi, it's funny since my recruiter was saying how there were no bonuses for ER nurses to sign up, but that their were bonuses for OR since they needed them more. I was told there are only 15 spots for ER nurses for FY2018 which goes over the entire 4 selection boards that they hold. I'd say if you really want to do OR then switch and join later, but at the same time once you get in and work for a year or 2 you could request to train in another specialty. That's what the colonel nurse told me during my interview at least because I was mentioning how I always was interested in ICU as well. She said I could do civilian ICU and come into the Air Force as that, otherwise to work as an ED nurse and request to cross train, and that it all depended on where you were at and what the AF needed.
  14. by   ashixes
    Does anyone know if you find out where you'd be sent before signing?