50 year old New Family Nurse Practitioner

  1. I'm looking for some current information. I have contacted a local Air National Guard recruiter for information but have not heard back. I would like to do something to serve my country. I will be retiring for the fire department around the time I graduate from FNP school. Is it possible to join the service or do some thing like the reserves at 50 years old?
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  3. by   jfratian
    Without an age waiver (the max age for the AF nurse corps is 47), the answer is no. Even if you were able to get an age waiver (I don't think that's likely), the federally-mandated retirement age is 62; you could only serve till then and would definitely not be retirement-eligible. Further, you would need to pass a military physicial. I don't know your health status, but 50 year-olds frequently have disqualifying medical conditions; most things that you would take daily medications for also require a hard-to-come-by waiver.
  4. by   Clucas19
    Thanks for the information. I'll just have to come to grips with the fact that I have missed my chance to do certain things.
  5. by   nurse2033
    Hey don't lose all hope. Waiver is possible, 20 year retirement is not. If you are super fit for your age and have no health problems you might be able to swing it. I've heard about physicians over 50 getting waived in... If they really need FNPs you might be able to convince. One problem is it can take more than a year to get you in. You would need federal recognition (9 months), then to COT or RCOT, which might take another 9 months. The school is short but the wait is long. Then, I don't know if there is a FNP school to teach you the military side of things. If you are an ideal candidate, ie. no arrests, no drugs, otherwise exemplary, you could make a case. Contact a HEALTHCARE recruiter, or find a unit that could use your skills. If you apply at the unit level, they will refer you the their recruiter. Good luck.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from Clucas19
    Thanks for the information. I'll just have to come to grips with the fact that I have missed my chance to do certain things.
    But! You can still serve the servicemembers by working for the VA or at a military hospital. LOTS of opportunities there. Check for jobs on USAjobs.gov, the VA and military hospitals post openings there.
  7. by   rustynail
    48 years cutoff for the Army. That's with all the waivers. There is definitely a need for Nurse Practitioners but age is also a discriminator. I should know because I commissioned as an RN at the age of 39
  8. by   Clucas19
    Thanks, Good luck.
  9. by   lemood712
    50 is too old, in my opinion. I am only 21 and sometimes feel like I am too old to even be in college. There's a 60 year old man in my nursing school who asks me out on dates so it's not uncommon for older folk to not realize when they have missed the boat.
  10. by   fnpete
    Are you prior service? That may allow you to still apply over the age cutoff, as long as it was an honorable discharge. Apply anyway, and get a waiver as necessary. Badger the recruiter -they often prioritize based on likelihood of completing the application.
    At MEPS you have to duck-walk at your physical, and other calisthenics. I go active duty this summer as FNP so I run daily, plus with a run-club once a week, all to make sure I'm in shape. Can you run 1.5 miles? That's pretty tough to do if you don't run every day and you're getting up in age. Why don't you join a running club to get in shape? Don't forget push-ups and sit-ups!
  11. by   fnpete
    I wouldn't give up until you get all the information. I've heard of physicians in their 60s that joined the military.

    Doctor, 61, joins Navy to honor son - latimes
    Doctor, 64, Joins Army for Afghan Duty | Military.com
  12. by   Clucas19
    Pete, Thanks for the encouragement. I have been able to stay in shape. My current job requires a yearly physical and physical fitness test. I do not have prior service. Good luck this summer.
  13. by   TxNrse
    Talk with an Air Force Healthcare Recruiter. A friend and I spoke to one of the USAF Healthcare Recruiter in Dallas-- She was 51 and already an FNP and I was 47 with 3 semesters left for my FNP certificate (already have a DNP). Anyway, I was told as long as I passed my physical I would come in on a monthly stipend until I finished my FNP --- as a Major. Good luck!
  14. by   Clucas19
    Would you be willing to send me the recruiters contact information? I would like to at least talk to some who is knowledgeable on the subject.