Got The Job!!


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A few days ago I posted about how I had an interview at LTC facility and was concerned about to explain to them about being terminated from my old facility. Well I had said interview today, and was hired on the spot! The only thing HR said to me was " I see you worked at XYZ, I'm not even going to ask you about XYZ because I've heard horror stories, and I'm afraid of what you might tell me!" Talk about relief! I'm beyond excited to be given the opprtunity withi this new facility! Even if does mean traveling out of state for work. Just wanted to thank everyone who offered advice on my previous thread.


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That's awesome!! Congratulations!! :yeah::ancong!:


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Congrats Sweetsleep! What a weight off your shoulders!

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Good for you. Nursing is actually a small world. Your new place already knew what a bad place the old one was.

LIve and learn


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News travels around on which facility is "bad news" Im so excited that you were hired and no stress was placed to explain previous employment! :yeah::yeah::yeah:

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Congratulations. I"ll that bet a huge weight has been lifted :anpom:


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woo hoo...congrats my fellow LTC nurse :)


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Thanks everyone!!!