i got a "c"

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i got a c for my phlebotomy clinical evaluation. i sorta deserve it, but its a shocker. with this c in clinical i may get a c in the class. clinical is 30% of my final grade


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Good for you. I saw your post earlier when you were "behind" I guess you could say. I am proud of you that you went back to class and finished! GOOD FOR YOU!! Don't get down on yourself, I'm sure it took a lot to get back into it-and YOU PASSED! Be proud that you didn't give up. And congratulations! I hope you are feeling better from your last post, too!


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i went to clinical today and my clinical supervisor said she made a mistake my grade is being changed to a "b"!


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Very good! Keep up the good work. In some nursing programs a C is like an A believe it or not.

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