Got 265 questions, did the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) and passed in California!!!!

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I also did 265 questions on the RN exam. Thought for sure i'd failed. Some of the qus were insanely difficult. I got the good pop up and found out today I passed. :) I'm in Colorado.

Woohoo!! See? It can happen! Congrats!!


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What's the PVT??? I'm taking the boards next month.

It's when you go onto the Pearson Vue website and try up reregister for the NCLEX after taking it. The "good pop up" is when a pop up comes up saying you cannot register at this time meaning you passed. If it lets you get to the credit card screen then that means you didn't pass


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I took my NCLEX-RN this morning at 0800. I'm in CA. Got 75 questions and finished in 45 minutes. I checked PV and it said that the results were successfully delivered so I tried the PVT and got the "good" pop up. I feel like I need to vomit. I could barely drive to work after my test. I was horrified... and even now, I don't know if I should begin studying for the re-take. I'm skeptical about PVT.


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Hi everyone!

I took my nclex yesterday and had the full 265 questions :/ took me about 4.5 hours. Like everyone else, I was getting down after question 75, then 150, then 225.. and so on. After 265, I left the testing center feeling completely drained and defeated. For the past 2 months, I diligently had been preparing for this day but felt like it was all for nothing. In August, I took Kaplan and found it very helpful. They give you access to their thousand-question Qbank, which personally I think is the best way to study for nclex. The questions are a great form of practice and it helps you gauge where your weak areas are. Anyway, my Kaplan instructor repeated that you CAN'T get down on yourself if the computer doesn't shut off at 75! If you're still getting questions, then you're still in the game!! So during my test I tried to remain focused on each individual question in front of me. I'll be honest though, I left the test and broke down in hysterics, and continued crying for the next few hours. About 3 hours after I finished the test I had my bf do the PVT (since I was waaaay too nervous) and I got the GOOD POP UP! I've never felt more overcome with joy and happiness!

So all of you 265-ers out there...TRY TO STAY POSITIVE! 265 does NOT mean you failed. I personally know 2 other students from my University who also got 265 and passed! Good luck!!!!!

Thank you ... I like a dummy took it on a thursday and wont even have a chance to verify until Monday...I have been a mess...I pray to god you are right. I got 265 as well.

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