Good tips for remembering growth and development milestones?


Hi everyone!!

I just started maternity nursing and I'm having an extremely hard time remembering the growth and developmental miles stones, some are common sense like obviously a 1 month old can't walk or talk but some are very hard to remember like..who can bat at objects, transfer objects hand to hand eyc! It's kinda driving me nuts :(...and my book and power point don't entirely match!!

please help!

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To be honest this is just one of those things you just kind of have to memorize, a painful process as all of our exams incorporated some form of G&D. Best of Luck!

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Make flashcards!

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I am unable to copy paste today, not sure why but here it goes.

Go to youtube and search for "Infant Developmental Milestones [undergroundMed]". This is about a 7 minute video on milestones which I found helpful during my peds rotation. I watched it over and over again and practised lotsa nclex questions on developmental milestones. Also watch the other milestone videos, soon enough it'll settle in. All the best, cheers.

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Babycenter, webmd, NICHY, NIH all have great pediatric developmental milestones. If you don't have much experience with children (your own, family, babysitting, etc) the info can be overwhelming!