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Good online program for Women's Health NP??


Hi all, I have a BSN and am looking for online programs for Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. I am curious if any of you have gone to or have a recommendation for a good WHNP program online. I have seen several, but many are big name schools that carry hefty price tags (Georgetown is almost 2k per credit hour!!), or are 3 years full time. I want a good program, but I'm having trouble sorting through them all.

I've seen Frontier and Northwestern State universities, but I've never heard of them so I'm wondering if any of you have had any experience with these programs, or have any other school recommendations. Thanks!


The University of Cincinnati has an excellent online program, and their institution is highly ranked with US News. Hope this helps.

Hello! I'm currently doing my WHNP online at Duke and it has been fabulous, but the price tag is not much cheaper than Georgetown if you're worried about cost. However you can complete it in 6 semesters full-time, or 8 semesters part-time. I also looked into University of Cincinnati's WHNP program which would have been much cheaper, and I was impressed by the correspondence I had with them. I had three co-workers that went through Cincinnati (FNP and CNM programs) and they all had a good experience. I have another co-worker who did her CNM with Frontier, and she liked it because it was cheap and she was also able to plow through her DNP a lot sooner than other schools. So I can't personally speak for any program other than my own but I have heard good things about University of Cincinnati and Frontier. My co-workers did have to find their own preceptors though, and Duke has a clinical placement office that does that for you. Best of luck!!


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I love frontier and in my opinion if you're going to do WH/CNM FNU is the place to go!

Hi SSRN13. I would love to talk to you more about Duke's program. May I PM you?

Hi SSRN13. I would love to talk to you more about Duke's program. May I PM you?

yes, absolutely!


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Did you ever find a program? I highly recommend UAB's WHNP program. The instructors are wonderful!

They do require travel to campus for orientation and usually once a year for onsite intensives.