Good Nclex pop up, cancelled interim permit, application still pending


Hi, I just took NCLEX-RN Saturday nov 8th, 2014. I'm in CA so no quicks results. Shut off at 75, lots of SATA, drag and drop, priority and delegation. Lots of pharm as well. I'm so nervous about it, feel like I guessed a lot. I just don't know. Did the PVT, good pop up 6 times since Saturday. My interim permit has been cancelled but my RN INitial exam is still pending/open. So nervous about it, not sure if I'm ok, if I should still be stressing. Has anyone experienced this and had the license pop in pretty soon after interim permit cancel? That makes me the most nervous, even though I know it cancels with a pass or fail. NCLEX UGH!!

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Just wait a little while. They cancelled your IP because you took the NCLEX and they have officially noticed. This also means they're actively working on your file... if you've been getting the good popup, keep an eye open because I would expect that you'll have RN numbers shortly. Same thing happened to me...


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Awesome! Thanx for the reassurance!! Waiting is the worst!!

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Congratulations!! :anpom:


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Congrats same with me good pop up and my license is pending but 2 days ago i got my license :)


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Hey, did you have to wait a whole day to see if you passed? I have been getting the good pop up after entering credit card info. After my interim permit was "cancelled" it tried signing up again and still got the good pop up. Interim is cancelled and initial is still pending/open. Will it take a whole day to get the results?


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I took mine on a saturday. It cancelled by Sunday and my license popped in on Tuesday. they say 48 business hours, but I noticed with my friends that the number of questions really affected how fast the license posted. We alllllll got the good pop up but those who got 75 questions, license posted right at 48 hours. Those who got between 100-150 posted in 4 days and those who got all 265, posted after almost 7 days to up to 2 weeks. So the good pop up works(I did it 6 times) it's just a matter of time until your license posts. The hardest is waiting! So the answer to your question, is yes theoretically a whole day after your interim permit cancels you should know. No guarantees though.