Good NCLEX:PN prep course?


:lol2:hello everyone,

i just finished lpn school and was wondering if i should take a prep course. i really dont want to take a course that tries to teach the nursing material all over in such a short amount of time. im looking for one that'll teach me the ropes on how to answer the questions and think the way nclex wants me to think.... also, a part of me just thought of getting cd's and doing as many questions and viewing the rationales and reading the saunders comprehensive review for pn instead of taking the prep course. these classes can be really expensive and im kinda broke.....:yawn:

does anyone have any good suggestions on how to study for the nclex?



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I just used Saunders, no prep course. Here's what I did:

1. I answered around 100-120 questions daily (even on weekends) on the CD for nearly 2 months. After each question I answered, I read over each and every rationale whether or not I got the question right. For all the questions I did miss, I looked up the subject in the book to get a better understanding of why I missed the question in the first place.

2. I made flash cards on lab values that I went through each night.

3. I made posters on diagnostic testing to distinguish the differences before & after certain procedures. I also made sure to glance at those right before bed.

4. I looked over & memorized the infection control mnemonics that you can find right on this site.

5. & I made sure to pray each day before I studied & I also prayed right before the test (in front of the computer) that I was going to successfully pass.

This is how I passed & I wanted to share it with you. Ultimately, each person studies & passes with what works best for them. :)

Good luck studying & good luck with your exam.


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thanks soo much.