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Good family clinical guideline book

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hello, i'm looking for a good clinical guideline book to usein practice for diagnosis and treatment in family medicine. a book that isstraightforward in regards to diagnostic presentation, tests to order, andtreatment. it would also be nice if i could easily carry it around in my labcoat or hand. i have found this book current diagnosis & treatment in family medicine, thirdedition by [color=#003399]jeannettesouth-paul et all. i was wondering if anyone has used this book and what dothey think? or is there any better suggestions? also, if anyone could recommenda good dermatology book with great pictures and treatment? with similarfeatures as the family medicine book, it would be greatly appreciated. thanksfor your assistance. here is the link.



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I bought 'Practice guidelines for family nurse practitioners', 3rd edition' by Fenstermacher, on the recommendation from an NP, it's ok, but my classmate was using the 5-Minute clinical consult book the other day while we were at clinicals. Her book looked very useful. Good luck.

I too used this book (5-Min Clinical Consult) during clinicals and for SOAP notes during school. Now, in practice, I tend to reach for Amelia Holler's Clinical Guidelines more and use 5-min Consult for more complex issues. Like them both.


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I like my Ferri's 5 in one book, but more frequently than not I find myself using Medscape on my phone for quick stuff and Up To Date for stuff I really need to reread.


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I occasionally use Family Practice Guidelines by Glass and Cash. It is a decent book that I bought to replace my beloved Uphold and Graham....sigh....My go to resource however is Epocrates essentials for Android and Sanford guide for Android.