Good anatomy coloring books?


First off, so sorry if this is in the wrong spot - I wasn't too sure where to put it.

It had been recommended to me on this website to get an anatomy coloring book so that I can sort of be ahead of the game by knowing the human body. However, I'm not sure which anatomy coloring book is the best, e.t.c. Any recommendations? Anatomy coloring books you used that taught you well?

We're going to the bookstore just a bit later today, so responses are appreciated :) Thank you so much!


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Hello. Yes, when I was teaching nursing many moons ago, there were a few students who had difficulty with anatomy and physiology class work and said that the use of anatomy coloring books was helpful. On the other hand, when you enroll in an anatomy and physiology course you will probably do just fine with hard study of the required textbook and lecture material. Regarding your question of "which anatomy coloring book is the best", one helpful resource would be for you to talk with nursing instructors at your desired university about recommended good quality prep books. Best wishes!

I have the ones by Kapit (0-8053-5086-1 for the Anatomy one and 0-321-03663-8 for the Physiology one). I honestly didn't use them that much though.

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This is the one I used. Anatomy Coloring Book, The (3rd Edition) (0076092013693): Wynn Kapit, Lawrence M. Elson: Books

It helped me A LOT with remembering names and places of stuff :)

I think I have the first edition of this book. I didn't color in it and very rarely opened it up. I only used it to occasionally supplement some of the pictures that were in my A&P text that weren't quite clear enough. It is a decent book and I can see how it would help someone who is struggling with anatomy, or who just wants to supplement their textbook.


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I bought the Kaplan medical anatomy coloring book (3rd edition). It's great and has been a big help to me. I just picked it up at Barnes and Noble. They had several, and any of them would probably do fine but I loved the style of the drawings in this one. I also liked that it included brief descriptions and explanations on the side of the page and some tear out flash cards for the muscles. Hope this is helpful, Good luck in A&P!

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This is the one that I got in my school's bookstore. It is spiral bound so you can make copies and test yourself more than once. It's pretty cool but like others, I haven't used it much.


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Thank you for the suggestions, everyone! They're very much appreciated :)