Golisano Childrens Hospital in Syracuse?

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Does anyone work there who wants to tell me how they like it? I'm planning to relocate back to Syracuse in a year. My experience is Peds ER and I've worked in free-standing children's hospitals as well as children's units within adult hospitals. I'm interested in how the hospital as a whole supports the needs of children as well as what sort of ancillary support services are available.

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Hi... hope an employee there see this post. Best wishes on your relocation.

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Thanks! For peds ED it seems like it's the only option for our relocation, but it's nice to have an idea of what the culture is like :)

Hi There,

I am an adult med-surg nurse at Upstate. We actually do have a Pediatric Emergency Department on our fourth floor. We have a children's surgery center. We also have a children's walk in at our community campus. From what I hear, our Peds nurses love their jobs. Our hospital, as a whole, is working towards magnet status. As a nurse in the med-surg float pool, I truly love my job. Even when it's hard! You won't regret joining us. Please apply. :up:

I should add the the Golisano Children's Hosptial is a part of SUNY Upstate Medical University hospital. It is located in the East Tower and it is colorful and beautiful. I often work in the older section of the hospital and there is a huge difference. I am used to working in the older section and I rather prefer it because I am used to it. The Peds ED is newly renovated and it is technically in the older part of the hospital but they did a great job of making is adorable and child friend with colorful computers on wheels and cartoon characters on the walls. I have had interactions with the nurse manager for the Peds ed and I think she is great. I hear wonderful things about her.

(join us!) :)


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Thanks, that's really helpful! I grew up in Syracuse in the outer university area and even though I couldn't wait to leave when I graduated high school, I've been feeling more and more homesick since having kids. I'm glad it's a good place to work- for my specialty it seems like it's the only option but it's reassuring to hear it's a good one ;)

I could be a bit of an optimist, but I feel like our city is really trying to be better. Winter still sucks though. Not going to lie. Last winter was brutal! Our current CNO is awesome and humble and you can tell she truly cares about her nursing staff. Great time to be at Upstate. í ½í¹‚

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Yeah, winter was listed 3 times on our "cons" list 3 times! But I grew up with it and we plan to live close enough that I could snowshoe in to work if necessary ;)

Ha ha...I live like 7 minutes away. So many people really commute though! Like from 45 minutes to an hour each day!

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I currently drive 90 minutes but I'm definitely looking forward to less of a commute!

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