Go Gunners!!!!!!!

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Arsenal will win the Premier this year!!!!!!! Chelsea is faltering and ManUre will stumble without Ferdinand.


just curious to see if there are any nurses who are also football fans. I am and American and true footy fans are rare on this side of the POND.


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" true footy fans are rare on this side of the POND " So I see! ARSENAL?:roll:rolleyes:

J. Tigana

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Many true footy fans on this side of the pond are more concerned about who will finish fourth in the premiership. Chelsea Arsenal and man u have spent tens of milions of pounds on building their teams. This is money that other teams can not afford. Chelsea spent 118 million pounds on players in only a few months. The question is who will be the best of the rest. Who will win the fourth champions league place. Football is all about money now. In other words teams buy the championship not win it. That is why many fans here are more interested in who will finish fourth, because the top three obviously be chelsea, Arsenal and man u.

Alisha H.E.

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oh aye!

I'm first a Liverpool fan but after I lived in Kensington for awhile, I'm now also a Chelsea fan, who's last 2 matches were miserable!!:o


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Come back, Harry! It's only friendly banter!:chuckle


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Liverpool seem to be rallying after a long spell in the doldrums, Their cup draw against Newcastle promises to be an interesting match. ;)

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I am married to a true footy fan, Man Utd no less. There are many footy fans in the US. Are you watching Fox Sports world, there are highlights and full premeirship matches as well as sky sports news that will update you on all footy leagues (and cricket and rugby too!). I am a quasi Everton fan, I used to babysit for one of their players (Peter Eastoe) in the early 80's

Mike RGN

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The are other football leagues - where players play football not always for the highest bidder.

Forget the premership, support your local club they need the money.

Just a quick rant I get fed up with premership overkill - but only when my club just lost and they are in the 3rd division.

J. Tigana

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football has gone crazy now. It's all about money. Big clubs tapping smaller club's players. Wine and dinning them, whispering sweet nothings into their ears, untill the players demands to leave. Louis Saha and Scott Parkers are examples of this. ITS NOT SPORT ANYMORE. It's a competition to ouspend your rivals. Chelsea, Man united, Arsenal and Liverpool I accuse you of ruining what was the greatest footbal( Soccer) league in the world. :(


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Arsenal is the way to go right now. all u man u fans ,Chelsea fans , and Everton fans try not to get too upset.

Peace and love

Huge Arsenal Fan


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Did Leeds United go belly-up tonight? I haven't heard..


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well they were about to.............. has it actully happened then?? I used to support leeds! thats before I got convered to MU and rugby!!


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