how do you go about finding summer externships?

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Any advice on how or when you can find a summer externship to get more clinical time? Are they ever paid or you just volunteer?

I don't have enough experience to really answer your question; but I have noticed that some (maybe one) major medical center's nursing program offers a 10-wk. paid summer externship, which is listed as an open position among other jobs. The job description details the requirements--GPA, application deadline, when notices are mailed, etc.

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Last spring I started looking on local hospital websites at their job listings, and searching for student positions. When you find positions to apply for, just send in your application, resume, transcripts, etc.. and see if you get an interview. I applied to 4 hospitals and received interviews and job offers for 3 of them. You just have to be proactive.

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Our hospital has a special contract with our school that only allows our school to apply for an externship. It is also a class that we have to do a little paperwork for but it is really easy. It is 2 months long, you apply for the unit you want, interview then they pick where they want you. It was paid, not amazing but enough for me to live off the summer and stash some away. Best experience hands down. Was totally different than clinicals in school.

Start looking on the websites of your local hospitals and on in January. These programs usually have application deadlines in Jan/Feb/March, and you need time to get the application packet together (you often need recommendation letters from clinical instructors and a personal statement). As the poster above said, just be proactive and start looking early.

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I found mine by simply talking to the recruiter at the hospital. It was never posted. They had two positions, interviewed four of the applicants and two of us got in. They pay the same as a PCT with the same shift differentials and are flexible to the point that I can not work at all during the semester and then set my own hours in summer and over breaks. It has been an awesome learning experience.

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