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I decided to make this post for anyone who has applied to George Mason's Traditional Nursing Program 2017. What did you think of the application process? Essay? Video?

And I can't wait until April!

Hey there,

I applied for the GMU traditional nursing program for Fall 2017. I thought the application process was pretty straightforward though there were a lot of steps and things to get done (HESI exam, video, essay, etc). I was confused on the checklist where it asked for all communication sent from [email protected], so I just sent every email that I've ever sent to and received from that email, which was a lot. I made the mistake of waiting to do the essay and video kind of last minute so that was kind of stressful, and then having to send out the application by 5pm that Sunday. I ended up having to get an electronic stamp thing from one of those automatic kiosks Sunday morning so I'm hoping that's not an issue either. I'm really hoping that I got in but we'll see. what were your thoughts on the application? Also what was your GPA and HESI scores? I'm a NVCC student and my GPA was 3.78 and over all my HESI was 89% but I didn't do well on the Human A&P section (76%)... Anyway, I hope that we both get in!


I agree, it was straightfoward just a lot of parts to it. I also made the mistake of leaving everything to the last minute. I almost didn't make it on time to turn in my documents on the 13th. I believe writing the essay was a bit challenging just because there wasn't much to write about. I wrote what I wanted to say in less than a page and so I had to figure out what else to say to make it longer. The hesi exam wasn't as bad as I thpught it was or what other people told me it was, well at least for me. I over studied for the anatomy part and did not study much of the basic anatomy like how it was on the test. I wish I would of studied the book more for that part. I studied my anatomy textbooks instead and it was just so much information that I missed the easy stuff. People had told me it was really in depth, but When I took it I felt like it was very basic. Anatomy was my lowest score which was 84%, I know I could of done better but oh well. My overall score was 90.84%. My GPA is a 3.894 and I am also a NOVA student. What campus do you go to? I am very nervous and I also hope we get in! I can't wait until April to know if we get in! Are you applying to the NOVA program as well?

I didn't study enough for the HESI because I took it in December and had very, very limited time to do any studying between school, work, homework, etc. I regret not having started studying earlier. Your scores and GPA sound competitive to me so I think you should have a good shot. The only thing that worries me is that I've heard that they prefer GMU students over transfers but I'm not sure how true that is. I go to the NVCC Alexandria campus, and wasn't planning to apply for the NOVA program but may consider it next year. I'd be interested in the Online hybrid program if it is still exists. What's your backup plan in case you don't get in to GMU and the NOVA program? I was considering getting my bachelors in public health then doing a 2nd degree program (assuming I get accepted somewhere)

I took mines in December too, I kept rescheduling it because I didn't feel prepared. In the information session they said that they look at all applicants the same. They said they have no preference over Mason Students. I dont know if that's true, but lets hope it is. I'm really hoping to get into Mason or NOVA. I don't plan on applying to another school because they are the only ones I am interested in, but I will try to look around. If I don't get into neither of them (I will be really upset) I will just apply next year. I was looking into Marymount, but idk because it is a lot of money! Why don't you want to apply to NOVA's this year? After NOVA it only takes a year to get Your BSN at GMU. NOVAs application process seems easier.

I am getting nervous now. I decided to check my transfer evaluation today with the online requirements and they did my transfer evaluation weird. My intro to psychology from NOVA is a psychology elective to GMU. However I followed the sheets given to us at the nursing info session so I am confused. They also told me their and 200 level lit class would be accepted but online the lit class I took isn't listed as an approved mason core. I should have looked this over before, but I didn't get my final transcripts until late January since I just finished at NOVA in December. I am totally freaking out now!


You should just call them. On the website it says they can modify the transfer credit evaluation at any time until after your first semester at Mason, so they could of made a mistake.

Did you take psych 201 and 202 or another psyc? I took those and one was transfered as an elective and the other as the mason course. I thought it was any 200 level lit class too,but I checked on the mason transfer credit matrix to make sure my lit class would transfer. I found that not all of them did. What lit class did you take?

I took psy 201 at NVCC, and SOC 101 which was an equivalent recommendation on the sheet for social science. I took Children's lit, ENG 250, which is not listed online, but since it said any 200 level. I feel like some of the equivalents I followed on the sheet are not matching up online and my transfer evaluation.

Yes, I just checked the transfer guide and the nursing sheer and they do count. You should call them for sure because it does seem like they should all count. How did Soc 101 transfer? As an elective?

No thankfully that didn't transfer as an elective.

So it transfered as a social science course? If it did then you dont need to worry about psy 201 transfering as a social science because you only need one. If you wanted psy to transfer as social science then you had to take 201 and 202.. you cant do 201 and Soc 101 because they are different. But soc 101 should be OK.. you didnt have to take psyc 201.. you could have just taken SOC 101 so psych 201 will have to b transfered as an elective

Right. Now I'm just worried about English lit.

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