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I have been doing so much thinking about the RN program. Yes, I am still planning on working towards the degree, but I am beginning to get nervous.. I have a ways to go before I actually start the nursing program because I need to get all of my basics out of the way first... But I am getting nervous because sometimes I have a hard time retaining things that I read in books... I don't want to forget anything or fail out of the program... I do know that when I set my mind to something, I usually always succeed. I guess its sort of last minute jitters even though the RN program isn't for awhile... Anyone else get nervous before you start college? Right now, I'm positive that the RN degree is what I want. I want to take care of people.. Preferrably to work in/around the babies, maternity, NICU, etc.. I want to make a difference..and yes, money does have a part in it all.. But I don't want to end up graduating, and then finding out that it isn't what I wanted... I really do think it is... but I have heard of this kind of thing happening.. If it did happen to me, then I've spent all those years studying toward the wrong thing.... Does this make any sense??? I get so nervous when I'm about to begin something big.. Maybe I'm just being silly.. I really want to be a nurse...

Please tell me there's someone else out there that has been through this type of dilemma and what they did to help ease their nervousness... :) :uhoh3:

You sound like a nurse already---worrying about what "Might" happen. I say go for it and learn to use all your resources. If the school offers tutors, get one. If you need help from other students, start a study group. If you do not understand the assignment, call or email the instructor. I dedicated my thesis to the librarian. Wow, was she ever a help and I never stepped into the library all through school (online courses). Learn how to Google for info on the computer. Bookmark the boring sites that give free info, like http://www.cdc and other govt. sites. You can do it. Also, learn to ask for help medically if you worry yourself into a stupor. Stress is very hard on your body. Learn how to deal with it because it never seems to go away completely.


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Thanks for all the advice.. :) Stress has definitely wore me out more times than I can count.. Seems like every time I tell my husband I'm not going to worry about the bills and leave it for him to deal with; I end up worrying about it all anyways.. and if isn't bills, then its car problems.. lol I do need to find a way to relieve the stress so that I will be calmer in school... I really want to pass, and I know that I can... I just get nervous alot.... :)

Thanks for the positive reinforcement... :)

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Sure, I got very nervous when I first started college. That's perfectly reasonable. It's also perfectly reasonable to have fears and doubts. I had them every day of nursing school (and still do today to an extent.).

I got nervous when I went to college fresh out of high school. When I went back in my 20s. When I went to nursing school in my 30s. When I started RN to BSN school in my 40s.

School is a nerve wracking experience. I think though once you get into it and get some courses behind you, you'll be fine.

No you're not going to retain a lot. But somehow we become nurses and pass NCLEX.

Good luck to you!

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