Getting Through A Hectic Semester


Classes are going great, and you're feeling optimistic. Then, a major slump hits you out of nowhere and zaps your motivation. Then you realize that there are still 3 months left in this semester. Ouch! How do you keep yourself motivated to keep studying and working hard when your mind suddenly decides that it's just done with a semester that has barely started?

I try to get more exercise and take mini-vacations (go to the beach or park for a few hours and chill out).

I'd try to reframe the "still three months left" into "only three months left!". When I'm feeling defeated or overwhelmed, I really do try to find the bright side of things, or find new ways to look at the situation.

This semester has been my toughest yet, but after that I only have one more semester until I apply to school.

And then sometimes I go out with my girlfriends and eat too much and drink more.

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Stay focused on WHY you are doing this. Inspire yourself with what is at the end of this journey. The fact that I am going to be a Registered Nurse in just 2.5 years keeps this process exciting for me. Thinking about the competition also helps me stay focused. I'm in classes with so many other people who want one of the 70 seats available at my school. I'm only applying to one school, so my goal is to get one of the top 3 scores in all of my classes. If I can keep doing that, I'm in :)

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ditto to all that have replied. take it one step at a time. pace yourself..that's the biggest lesson i've learned in this pre-nursing journey. If I need to take a break from studying, I watch tv, bake, surf the net and most of all..remind myself of WHY i'm doing this. Do not stress yourself out!!


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Focus on your goals and why you're going to school in the first place. Works for me every time. :)