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OK. Sorry if I seem to ask the same things over and over LOL. Is the 1st thing I need to do is go to community colleges? Do I just go and ask to speak with a counselor? Or call and make appts? I tell them I want to take classes that I need for nursing school? I dont even know all the classes I need. I failed pretty much every subject in HS. I went online and filled something out for all the community collegs near me, but didnt hear from anyone. This is the 1st step, correct?

Also, can somebody tell me the courses I'll need to take. And if I pass all these courses, then I apply to nursing schools?

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I think speaking with a counselor would be a great start. Some colleges even CC's require you to make an appointment with a counselor when enrolling. The counselor should be able to give you a list of classes (pre req's) to take as each colleges pre req's for nursing programs differ.

Examples of pre req's would be A&P1 and 2 as well as english 1 and a psych, like I said each college has different pre req's so make sure and check.

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Our college has counselors that are specific to the nursing program, meaning that they have a lot of knowledge about the requirements that another counselor might not have. Call and ask to make an appointment with a counselor who works with the nursing program.

Most likely what you filled out online was an application to the college. I don't know how long ago you filled it out, but it sometimes takes them some time to process them, particularly with one semester having just finished and the summer sessions starting right on the heels of that.

Give the Admissions Office a call and ask if they've received it. Then ask what your status is and what else you need to go to be admitted. They will probably ask for your HS transcripts, but don't let that frighten you; they mostly need to see that you actually obtained a HS diploma. Go to the college and walk around and get a little acclimated with the environment. You can also take time then to just walk in to the Admissions Office and talk to someone in person if you'd prefer. Pick up a course catalog and perhaps the Nursing Program requirements if they have those (they're usually in the counselor's office at my CC).

Take it all one step at a time; you've got some time to go, but the best thing you can do for now is get INFORMATION. Your best friend will be that counselor on campus. And understand they're all working with a ton of students there; be somewhat persistent if you don't hear right back from someone!!

Understand we can't help tell you exactly what your specific college requires. One thing you can do to try to find some more information with those familiar with your college is to go to the state forum for where you reside. Someone there may be able to help out with some specifics depending on how busy their boards are.

Best wishes and don't hesitate to come back and ask more questions!!

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  1. Did you do as I suggested and get a copy (either a hard copy or download a copy from the school website) of the college catalog of the community college you want to go to? Go to the section on "admission" or "admission procedure" and read it again to refresh yourself on how their admission process works. (Use the alphabetical index at the back pages to find out where this information is.)
  2. Yes, submitting your application was the correct first step. If you submitted an online application, did you get some sort of a confirmation number at the end of the submission? Did you write it down? Sometimes it takes a few weeks (2 or 3 weeks) for a decision to be made. The admission office has to wait for your high school transcript to reach them. Someone has to physically look at the information they are compiling on you. If you absolutely can't wait (it's been about 2 weeks, hasn't it?) call the college and ask for the Admission office. Tell them you submitted an online application, give them the confirmation number (if there was one) and that haven't heard anything from them yet and you'd like to know if they have made any decision about whether or not they are going to admit you.
  3. Go back to the college catalog and see what it has to say about counseling. If you absolutely have to find out about counseling, call the college and ask to talk to someone in the counseling office. If they ask what program you are enrolled in, tell them that you are still waiting to hear if you've been accepted to the college. They should be able to tell you how to proceed from there.
  4. You will find all of the telephone numbers for these different offices in the college catalog or on the college website.

You won't be discussing your high school failures or the classes that you need to be taking until you actually get to sit down and talk to face-to-face with a counselor. Make the telephone call first.

As I told you before, the classes that you will be required to take, if the nursing program is at that particular community college as well, will be listed in the college catalog. Read those pages. Make a list of the classes. When you eventually sit down with a counselor, they will do the same thing with you.

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